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Movie: 2 Guns Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg Movie HD

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Don Forgiare
So the song at 1:08 then on sounds like a cover of "All Along the
Watchtower"; if someone could provide who made that cover that would be
great, thanks.
Goniee Rogers
were working together.. No in the same area code. lol.. Together.
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were originally supposed to be in this. What a
stupid movie that would have been.
Goniee Rogers
some of you guys are saying this movie is good, some of you guys are saying
this movie sucks.. I'm hoping it's mostly good... I like action movies and
I was happy when this movie came on to HBO GO so I'm hoping it would not be
a waste of time watching this... 
Jada Faeriiee
Great movie
Jay Goon
Walbherg n Denzel did a good job in this movie but the story was kinda dumb
atleast Denzel n Walbherg keep u entertained tho
The version of all along the watchtower in this trailer sucks compared to
the original
Excellent Movie! Both Actors are very compatible in making the viewers
Richard Kelly
Whilst LW was, let's be honest unbelievable at some level, it was
believable at the same time. A little bit of wit, some semblance of a story
with GOOD acting mixed in with FINE ACTION scenes and there you go! Where
Lethal Weapon (and the sequels) got it right, this movie gets it all wrong.
Flat, corny stupid. That applied to THE JOKES, the story, the action, and I
guess the actors when they signed up for this rubbish.
Christina Lawrence
one of the best movies i watch
Mila Bay
this movie wasted two good actors…disappointed 
if you want a link to this movie pm me i promise you dont have to pay or
sign up now before you give me a thumbs down pm me atleast see for your
This movie sucks!
Jotique Harlee
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1:45 song????
Well I just finished watching this movie and just a few words. It was
great. Stigman is definitely good looking. The movie has a lot of action
buts its in moderate proportion so its not insane. The ending fight is
great, though, its the scene from the cover. There are a few, well,
impossible scenarios at times, namely a giant fiery boom. Overall great
movie, watch it if you want a good action movie.
What a load of crap!! 2 guys vs the Mexican Cartels.......... Ya ok might
as well have labeled it Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
Shingo Mizuno
whats brand mark whalberg jeans?
Great movie.
Younqq G
Best movie of the year
Jake Hamilton
Very tight flick. Air tight. Kept it real the whole time, and didn't skip
a beat. Solid movie but was not a must see theater show. Cant name one
bad Denzel picture. Him and Wahlberg were better than jackie and mr.
phew so glad i scrolled down to the comment section before watching the
whole trailer...thank you youtubers!
shabsog eagle
this trailer is the whole movie... 
Leo C R
What guns are they using in the last scene? 
Louis Menzies
This movie is the mutt's nuts! Washington & Wahlberg work well together,
and it's a laugh a minute, full-on! "Never rob a bank opposite a diner that
sells the best donuts in three counties!" lol!
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