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Movie: Dragon Ball Z Wrath Of The Dragon Full Movie English Dubbed HD

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What would you like to see next from Dragon Ball Z?
Xylem Cohen
This is my first time seeing this and I think it's pretty good. This movie
is right after the Buu saga and Gohan is now Mystic/Ultimate Gohan and Goku
can turn into SSJ3. I last remember Ultimate Gohan being stronger than SSJ3
Goku. Which is why I'm not so sure why Gohan doesn't last that long in this
battle. And once again Piccolo doesn't show up. I really love DBZ and even
it's movies but I'm starting to become annoyed by the same storyline in
every movie.. Can there once be a different hero? Can someone die and be
revived by the dragon balls or something? Mix it up a little! Gees..
Maestoso28 the Bowser Jr.
Why didn't Gohan go ssj2? Seeing what his normal state did, he should've
rapped it up by al least turning ssj.
Prince Skittles
I Wanna See Tapion vs Frieza
MilkCarten Lmt
u guys who argue about canon and non canon piss me off.....that's why
people dont like anime cuz people like u.
Tsunami Rain
wait so does tapion have two orcaneias or what
Krishnaprasad Arumugam
Battle of Gods English pls
John Galstyan
I've noticed dbz has some science to it like when bulma talked about rem
sleep with taipion
Why didn't gohan turn into a super sayian from the start. Maybe that way,
they could have an advantage.
And what time period do you think it is? Send a feedback.
Lol vegeta just turns up only because the monster stepped on his house.
What a legend.
Nathan Drake
....Is tapion from like...from a video game or something? I swear I seen
him elsewhere.
This movie made me take a shit
wow, vegeta really has become pure hearted, he saved those people, i bet in
the cell saga he wouldv'e been OUT
Why did the dragon only grant one wish ? I thought this was sometime
immediately after the Buu saga.

And why are the Z warriors even in this ? Unless you see them as nothing
but cannonfodder, this shit could have worked with any other set of
characters ? Replace Z warriors with Naruto and his friends - works,
Replace them X-men - works, Replace with Avengers - works, Replace with
GhostBusters - works! When you're fuckin hero is not a part of the lore
itself associating it with the lore makes not sense!!!

And Why was it even called the Wrath of the Dragon ?!
Maxwell Oleyar
is that where he got the sword?
Kakarot Campanelli
Wait, how old is gohan 
This is where we needed Vegeta's badassery.

He should have came by and finished the job for Trunks.
Indra Ōtsutsuki
I love goku his one of my favourite characters but why is he always the one
to give the final attack let vegeta shine for once!!
Montrevius Whitfield
When da fuck did he learn to turn his hand into A FUCKING DRAGON
Anthony Garcia
Wait...why does goku always have to do everything again? I thought this
movie was centered a bit more around Trunks?
Orlando Rivera
DBZ: fusion reborn 
Andy Derps Vegeta has a job?
Also.. He is strong. Real damn strong. But he takes a punch like a sissy,
especially in the movies, you get a couple of hits on him and he'll be down
in no time. At least in the comics he wont stay down unless he is beaten
and broken, or dead.
Vasilije Jevtic
battle of gods
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