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Movie: All (Original) - Lij Gilmour

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Jessica Robinsonn
Bub do you mind informing mw on how you record your covers and what
software you used to edit your videos? The things I use suck haha
Sara May
how long did it take you to write this :) <3
Caitlin Poirier
this was amazing :)
TyNesha Watkins
I swear end needs to write a song with u it would be perf.. <3 this song
Mia Milner
awh that cute little smile you do while you're singing is heartmelting ❤ ❤
I listen to this at least once a day, it's becoming habit. :)
Jessica Robinsonn
can not stop listening to this. its beautiful. you're beautiful. ugh yes
you're so so beautiful. 
AGLightsMC - Minecraft
this is awesome man! keep up the good work :)
chicken ♥
I love this so much <33
Mariah Hulsey
Your really good, I love watching your videos! Keep it up :p
Maddie Novak
This is so amazing, you are definitely one of the most talented people I
know, it is amazing and I just can't stop listening to it! x
Tarni Rea
quick question, are you still single? and if so, hOW?? YOU ARE FREAKING
Beccy Bacon
WOW this song is amazing and your voice is beautiful, you have seriously
got talent. Is the song on itunes? i cant stop listening to it, its
wonderful. keep up the great work :D <3
Laura Sori
Will you marry me?? :') 
Makayla Grant
Lij just wondering, what is the line between 0:10 - 0:13? Thanks x
Maureen Sykes
just perfect 
Iesha Whyte
Everyone give this a listen! you will not regret it! He is so good and if
you could also subscribe to him that would be awesome! Thanks
brittany boettcher
I swear half these views are mind, I'm in love with this song <3
Emily Yin
go Lij, this is soo good, release it on iTunes!!! your soo talented :)
Tina Xu
this is amazing! i love you xx
Amy Farebro
Everything about this song is so beautiful :) Going to share it with as
many people as I can haha you honestly deserve to be recognised xx
Emma Elson
Lij this is perfect! xox
Tyla W
ive already told you this, but i actually love this song, its so so good.
Can't wait for more original stuff, gonna be sick 
Sharon Cousen
This is perfect Lij ! <3 xx
Danielle Dey
This is one of the best songs I've ever heard
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