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Movie: (Revealed) Collins Key Predicts Twitter Answers From Judges - America\'s Got Talent 2013

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Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
Magia Revelada - Revealed Magic
bre bre
On the show with Collins, hey made a did he do that?? That's
what I want to know. How did he make the video before hand when he didn't
know what they were gonna pick??
Ashley Sessions
Stop hating on magicians 
Bill Page
Yep coool hollow base tables and pole stands 
Wäre i can buy it ? And what is the Name oft this trick ?
Radzma Jamiri
The box hangs already in high level before the show starts.
rc aug
same trick from GUY BAVLI..
Edvin Eng
Where can u get that kind of box and what is it called?
I am confused about the writing? How does he have time to write it so fast?

Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
Yes I was when I was younger... But I didn't know this trick...
Ok I get how it works in the situation on this video, but on agt the
assistant never touches the box, collins never touches the back of it and
there is nothing on top of the ladder he sets it on. So this video doesnt
really show how it works in this case
oliver leal
No cuz he never knew what words the judges would have guessed.
how could he have already predicted them though thats the real question i
get all the gimmicks but how did he predict what they were going to say
Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
Inside the flexible plastic tube. The tube is crushed under a door hidden
inside the table.
Jared May
im still confused on how he gets the trap door to propel upwards. please
Jared May
Yes, but what does he do? Push some type of button?
Jared May
Or maybe Justin's gimmick was just faulty and he struggled with it. Thank
you for the explanation! I've been trying to figure this out ever since he
did it on Ellen.
Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
I don't know the exact mechanism, but yes, it´s a kind of button that
release the flexible glass. I think the mechanism has been improved from
Willman to Keys. Williams had to touch it 2 or 3 times... Keys, just 1 time.
i get that he presses a button and it releases a trap door on the bottom of
the box so that the prewritten message can get into the box, but how do we
not see the paper with the message on the table/ladder? its written on
white paper which makes me think we would be able to see it against a black
table top, so is there a trap door on the table/ladder too? and if so, how
does he pop that trap door?
Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
You're right. I use this other video from other magician to show that is
the same essence. Collins is very smart, and he arranged the ladder in the
same way as the table. Both, table and ladder have the same black tricked
surface that hides the tube with the message.
Ben Petro
how do u figure this stuff out.r u a magician?
Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
AGT has had at least one magician that invented his own tricks... And don't
forget the great David Copperfield... Maybe he had the help of other
magicians but he had always new a better tricks for the audience. If
Collins wants to win he has to do more than simple copies. He is good but
he needs to be better... He is young and maybe in a future will be that
kind of great magicians.
liz pham
It was a ladder
Chex Mix
If you look at it? Everything Is A Copycat Move. Your pretty much calling
all the great magicians of the 21st century copycats.
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