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Movie: (Revealed) Collins Key Predicts Twitter Answers From Judges - America\'s Got Talent 2013

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Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
Magia Revelada - Revealed Magic
Dan Lo Fat
No, when you see Key's right thumb, Key moves it 2 or 3 times, he is
basically rolling a roll-top desk like mechanism, this moves an opening,
where the flexible PLASTIC, not glass, tube then is released from being
squeezed under the movable covering that Keys moves out of the way. The
pressure expands the tube to its original round shape, thus pushing up the
BOTTOM door of the box, where all Keys need do is open the top, reach in,
pop the fake bottom and top on the ends, one handed - a trick by itself,
and takes practice, or can be done with transparent static friction tape
(it isnt sitcky, applied to the top and bottom end discs) made by Scotch/3M
corp - then fakes "unscrewing" the "top" - or bottom, doesnt really matter
- revealing the black folded paper that the stage hand or assistant (labor
savings there using the same person backstage!!) had plenty of time to
write down the tweets SPOKEN LOUDLY by each judge. (actually KEY's left
thumb as this video was reversed accidentally from the original, perhaps
accidentally - thwarting the automated copyright infringement algorithm
Google uses - alone, it's own special trick!)

The trick is better if:
1. Twitter is actually used (it may or may not be for AGT, no way to know
at this point in time), functioning properly, and the network is fast,
where the assistant is watching the DM stream (where the participants do
NOT say what they are tweeting, the tweets appear up on the live screen of
the twitter account being used (we see the tweets in real time)
2. The stage hand hands the ladder to Keys, Keys opens the ladder himself
- throws your attention away from the stage hand being a "culprit"
3. The backstage assistant must be allowed to correct spelling - unless
the monologue specifcally was "I dreamed of random tweets", but Key's
monlogue wasnt about tweets, it was a story line, so in this case, the
correct spelling of tuchas would have made the trick even better. Better
than thata, would be knowing what a tuchas IS, it is the BUTT or the ASS,
this stage hand had NO CLUE! (Probably not Jewish).

Best version of this is where the magician has a laptop video output to a
giant screen over head (is on during the whole show, where this trick is to
be used very late in the show), then with a another screen showing a
down-angled side view of the laptop, close up that isnt turned on until the
reveal of the trick is near - but not high enough to see the exact keys
being typed. This on stage keyboard triggers another texting output from an
offstage computer, each key press on stage reveals a previously keyed
letter output to the screen above, making it look like he is typing a
"vision", when in reality the stage hand typed it in before hand as each
participant told of their choice. The side camera should be angled so we
also see the same letters revealed on the ON STAGE LAPTOP SCREEN as well -
very cool. Best to be able to switch the outputs, so to start, an audience
member can come up and just type some random thing (to show that there is
nothing "funny" about the laptop), then the backstage assistant switches
modes for the magician to "take over'.

Notes: NO, silver sharpie on BLACK construction paper was used, watch the
video again.

The top of the LADDER Keys uses is 2.5 inches thick, and is itself a kind
of box , that for this trick, is filled with the squeezed tube held under a
hard BLACK matte-finsih plastic (much like the plastic that the tube is
made of, only, obviosuly, clear) - so , for Key's version of the trick, the
ladder top step is his "table".

Another version of this is where the magician causally paces the stage,
budilg the audience up, then at one pass brushes against a stage leg, where
an assistant can conceal the paper under the magicians coat tail, high up
to under the arm (friction tape, not velcro), then the magician can reach
into his "pocket" to pull out his pre-written "before the show"
predicitions. Very exciting, and almost unbelievable, because the audience
doesnt see an assistant.

Other methods: blue tooth IEM, etc. Hidden audience cam, down angle cam to
see participant "card writing", etc. Lots of ways to re-build this trick.
Ashley Sessions
Stop hating on magicians 
Daniel Goff
Bill Page
Yep coool hollow base tables and pole stands 
Wäre i can buy it ? And what is the Name oft this trick ?
Susie Larson
um if u watch Collins keys performance then you would know that the guy
caring the ladder puts it down before Collins takes it from him. Also how
would Collins know that back was written on the last part of paper???
Because if you watch he doesnt look at the paper he already knows whats on
it, and if he didnt write the answers and it was the person who brought the
ladder out on stage then he would have glanced down at the paper to see if
#back was written on it. 
bre bre
On the show with Collins, hey made a did he do that?? That's
what I want to know. How did he make the video before hand when he didn't
know what they were gonna pick??
Radzma Jamiri
The box hangs already in high level before the show starts.
Edvin Eng
Where can u get that kind of box and what is it called?
rc aug
same trick from GUY BAVLI..
I am confused about the writing? How does he have time to write it so fast?

Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
Yes I was when I was younger... But I didn't know this trick...
Ok I get how it works in the situation on this video, but on agt the
assistant never touches the box, collins never touches the back of it and
there is nothing on top of the ladder he sets it on. So this video doesnt
really show how it works in this case
oliver leal
No cuz he never knew what words the judges would have guessed.
how could he have already predicted them though thats the real question i
get all the gimmicks but how did he predict what they were going to say
Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
Inside the flexible plastic tube. The tube is crushed under a door hidden
inside the table.
Jared May
im still confused on how he gets the trap door to propel upwards. please
Jared May
Yes, but what does he do? Push some type of button?
Jared May
Or maybe Justin's gimmick was just faulty and he struggled with it. Thank
you for the explanation! I've been trying to figure this out ever since he
did it on Ellen.
Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
I don't know the exact mechanism, but yes, it´s a kind of button that
release the flexible glass. I think the mechanism has been improved from
Willman to Keys. Williams had to touch it 2 or 3 times... Keys, just 1 time.
i get that he presses a button and it releases a trap door on the bottom of
the box so that the prewritten message can get into the box, but how do we
not see the paper with the message on the table/ladder? its written on
white paper which makes me think we would be able to see it against a black
table top, so is there a trap door on the table/ladder too? and if so, how
does he pop that trap door?
Curso de Armónica: Método Cascada
You're right. I use this other video from other magician to show that is
the same essence. Collins is very smart, and he arranged the ladder in the
same way as the table. Both, table and ladder have the same black tricked
surface that hides the tube with the message.
Ben Petro
how do u figure this stuff out.r u a magician?
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