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Movie: How Marcus Haney Took This Awesome Jay Z Photo

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Tophie Hughes
The guy was right for not believing he's on Conan. Not sure why Conan keeps
having unknowns on the show while untalented unfunny people like Fallon
have A-listers. Conan deserves the best. 
Mumford and Sons is garbage
Roger Robie
Jayz is a no-talent drug dealing imbecile
Lazlo Gray
Woah. Just realized Piff the Magic Dragon is on the album cover of Babel.
Look kids! Apparently crime is okay. It'll take you places!! Go nuts!!! ;)
Conan never has A list celebs like angelina jolie, brad pitt, tom cruise,
too many of these unkowns no one cares about
The Guy Who Makes Sense
That doesn't make any sense!
Syed Shah
Sooo who is this guy?
nirmaan goyal
Conan sucks
I love this.
Jay-Z is a disgusting illuminati sell out. He may be wealthy, but all that
cash can't buy his soul back.
Anthony Woodruffe
well done +Team Coco for glorifying this prick. You could have had Drew
Ressler on your show who is the No.1 event photographer in the world, who
has legally worked his way to the top. But no you decide to subliminally
endorse the immoral and illegal activities on this. I hope every single
promoter, concert hall and festival black lists this little shit for life.
Arson Bjork
This guy played skinny Cpt.America right?
Chris Gonzales
More power to this guy for landing such awesome gigs. Lot of jealous people
in the comments section, haha.
Timothy Davidson
Boo you suck 
Jai Gil
i only liked this because piff the magic dragon is in the background of the
album cover. Great magician.
Jackson Wheeler
Dude looks like post-barfight Ryan Gosling.
clubwoofer diy
young sharif
Do they rehearse b4 the inteview?
what a sweet interview. what a sweet sweet interview. wow. wowie
I sort of hate this guy. Sneaking and cheating to get his was in life.
Instead of doing some real work.
its all about being in the right place at the right time, i also make
(nature) photography that when you see it you'd think i stole it off nat.
geographic but ok.
My fucking favorite band , and my fucking favorite album , well done
motherfucker well done 
(My Brain Fart)

OK...I think that is amazing for him on a personal level. But how is this
Conan Show worthy? You're a regular dude who admittedly breached security
and didn't pay for concerts, several times. So, you're a criminal. Why does
this particular detail get overlooked? Hrrmm..I can think of a reason.

Anyway, you took some cool looking photographs. The Jay-Z photo and the
album cover looked great--absolutely--but you're not a well know award
winning photographer or cinematographer. Oscar award winning individuals
have sat in that same seat next to Conan. You're some guy off the street
that broke the law and took some pictures. Sooo...I don't know. I have
taken some shots with my cell phone I think look great. Should I start
breaking into places and take pictures of people while they are sleeping in

Maybe I will get on the Conan or Jimmy Fallon Show. Nope..because like I
said before, I think there's a tiny reason the whole breaching of security
is all kicks and giggles, as opposed to..*someone else** attempting the
same thing. Tackled..beat at 11..jail. I'm
exaggerating of course but, you know..c'mon man.

That wonderful shot of Jay-Z could have easily been a shot--at--Jay-Z. Nice
job, security guards...securing things n' stuff. Mhm...
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