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Movie: TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 122

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I've been wanting to do this for years! TATTOOS IN SLOW MOTION! I seriously
learned so much while shooting this. One major thing I learned is that
common stereotypes of Tattoo artists are often wrong. I found them to be
nice, professional people who take health and hygiene very seriously. If
you enjoy this video, please consider downloading a free audio book so I
can continue to learn fun stuff like this! Next video: how to remove
tattoos (seriously, I went and talked to a plastic surgeon).
John Said
good times
I was just about to unsub when you said that the tattoo was fake! 
AJ Walker
Can someone explain to my why any *sane* person wants this done to them
over and over. Seems like all kinds of crazy to me.

Peep the video starting at 2:48.
Alfonso Martinez
Tattooing close up (in Slow Motion)
Goop glork
getting stabbed= pain
getting the stabbed then having it pulled out= more pain
getting stabbed multiple times with 6 mini ink covered knives= I could only
Cheang Kai U
it's beautiful but...ouch! I still want one
That host seems like an annoying idiot who asks a lot of dumb questions,
but the topic is pretty interesting.
Calling a tattoo gun a tattoo gun is a no-no? WTF? OHHH NOES IT"S A
tattoo *GUN*

everybody run! stoooooooopid.
I don't have anything against tattoos, but why do people get them? Just
because they think it looks good? That's what it seems like.
God Emperor Lionel Lauer
Ever wondered what tattooing needles look like in slow motion? This is
extremely cool!
Kat N. Nerdvana
I used to kinda want a tattoo. Now I'm like, 'Never mind. I'll just draw
pictures on myself with some Sharpie markers.'
Anita Rodriguez
I'm never getting a Tattoo why would you want to damage your precious skin
given to you by your parents and God it may look cool when your young but
once you get old people look like freaking idiots
Rarity spec ops
How stupid why would u do this
Lønnise Graham
I'd rather sit in a tank full of roaches(wich I really wouldn't mind) than
get a tattoo.
Micayla Taylor
You shouldn't get a tatto. When you grow old and junk you won't look good
but if your planning on getting one I suggest you get a small one where no
one won't see. Like probaly around the private part area lol

Tonya M
I honestly feel like getting tattoos is an extremely selfish thing to do
because you can no longer donate blood, and someone in the world might need
that blood. Sometimes family members with the same blood type as you could
get into deadly accidents and need your specific blood type immediately,
but with a tattoo, you can't donate. But I liked this vid. It was
Tattoos are not for me, nothing would be worse than being branded with
something that reminded me of how short sighted I was. I had an ex that
wanted so bad to have matching tattoos, she's glad now that I talked her
out of it. Yes, I know the hatred will spew forth for this comment, from
tattoo enthusiasts, but if you think about it for 10 seconds - you're
wasting your time and effort.
Jacek Malinowski
Good part starts around 3:14 😊
Can someone say how much it hurts to get a tattoo, just for the sake of
pete negron
TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) - Smarter Eve…:
Anoka Kon
i'm proud to show off my tattoo. it's a symbol of who i am and what
represents me as a person. it's something that i believe in, and i firmly
stand by my decision. i have a dove holding an olive branch with a "Z" in
the back. for those people who are saying 'oh no it's for gang members and
blah blah' sure it was back in the day, but now tattoos can be symbolic of
who people are, or just have something that people want to show off in
remembrance of someone who passed away. and for the people who say "it's
for lower class people and they have no education blah blah" you're wrong
also. it depends on the person. it really does. you can be bare as a baby
butt and still be extremely unintelligent, while a tattooed person can be
an Honor Student with a GPA of 4.0 who has a PhD. it depends on who they
are, and how they were raised. tattoos have NOTHING to do with someone's
intelligence. it's their personality and their own beliefs that make people
who they are. so stop judging guys. who knows? maybe the next doctor who
just recently performed a successful brain tumor removal has half sleeve
what if who has tatoo get tired of it ?

do they deceive theirselves "No, i still love it" ?
or regret sincerely how stupid they have been ?

to begin with, why cannot it be as a sticker or some ?
i have no idea at all why they wanna have tatoo.
Marek Černý
Ah, good you decided to not do this ☺
I like your videos! Good job!
Wow my dads name is Richard Wright! lol
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