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Movie: Lori, لري ♥ ♥ BI BERARI, بي براري ♥ ♥ LYRICS

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Shoresh Azadi
bji bra dang xosh 
Parviz Khorasani
Bah bah... Lori ce âvâye zibâ va qašangi dare - Berâsti yeki az zibâtarin
lahjehâye Zabâne Pârsist.
Parviz Khorasani
لری و پارسی هردو از یه ریشه هستند
Very Beautiful!
"khoda yAreh dokht o koreh lor"
God bless IRAN and Iranians!
iman karimnezhad
b berari 
Shahla Azizi
I love you Abdullah mohamadkhani your voice is spatial from Allah you are
amazing love you
Bacheh Mirdamad bacheh mirdamad
How I adore Iranian Folklore music, Lori, Kordi, Azari, Bandari, Baluchi,
Khoransani. By the way, thank you for taking the trouble to translate this
song, simply wonderful.
he has awesome voice, thanks
farvahar zartoshti
آفرین بر تو آریایی پاک نژاد
Bacheh Mirdamad bacheh mirdamad
Nevermind the voice and the music. What beautiful pair of eyes.
Thank you so much PAAPAK00 for your excellent work in translating and all
the hard work in editing this great song/video. Would you please translate
other MohammadKhani Video's too if its not too much trouble for you. I
really apprectiate the time you took doing this work. God bless you!!
Beautiful, just beautiful kurdish song. Long live Leri kurds, long live
lersan. Thank you for sharing.
Emah lerim, kore kurdem, nah farsem nah iranim. Dayah to nager gryad
granah, khowm bom wa qurban aw Kurdistanah.
Mack Hojatzadeh
This guy has great voice. Good job Abdulla. All my family in California,
USA love your voice. Please keep up your good work.
you fars have no folklor how can you call others that thehy are fars,your
selves are part of the big tribe ,stop shouting a night air,try to find
your true identiti.good luck
Reina Olivar
ahmad atashbar
ای کر پارسی شیرت حلال
pelar jozani
Lurs are not persian ,please stop faschism ! we are just lur.
pirooz raah
زنده مانی ای هم‏وطن خوش صدا و زیبا چهره‏ی لر هم‏وطن برادر آذربایجانی‏ات با
سپاس برای به اشتراک گذاشتن این صدای مانا
Reza Teymoori
We are Lor but before we are all IRANIAN. All Azari, Persian, Kud, Lor and
... are IRANIAN. Please try to improve your political culture and do not
let other countries to make problem among us. PLEASE TRY TO BE WISE!!!
Tari-Verdi Tabarestani
In iran every city has its own accent in some places! doesnt mean they are
not iranians! from armenia azerbaijan! to baluchestan to abadan to
tajikestan is iran!
Âryâ Irân
Pâyande IRÂN! Bedune Kordestân, Lorestân, Âzarbâyjân, Baxtiyâri, Gilân,
Mâzandârân... Irân nemishe.
Shahin Zedd
Iranian blues at it`s very best! Thanks so much.
Bji Kurdistan!!
sha anna
zanda bad braram az holand sal 2013
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