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Movie: Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Review!

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Android Authority
*Samsung Galaxy K Zoom review!*

Full written review with high-res pics!

By +Lanh Nguyen 
Raihaan Rahman
Chose a nexus 5 over this
i feel like Lahn doesn't fully understand the pause before "Android", like
he's just doing it because he's told to. Lahn its to add effect, watch Josh
do it, he rises on the "for all things" then swoops down for "android".
Great review btw you are improving immensely
Jaka Aria
Is it has Selective focus feature just like on Smasung Galaxy S5?
So ugly.
It's ugly, who would buy this phone?
Who would actually buy this and carry it around as their daily driver. It's
a ridiculous piece of hardware 
What game was that at 3:20
Raihaan Rahman
Chose a nexus 5 over this
Ray Hodge
Good video, but this phone isn't for me.
Paul Gilbert Ananayo
901st to like! yay!
Ryan Clark
If a better battery and a snapdragon is inside the device, i bet it will be
more appealing.
Zachary Moon
OMG, another terrible Samsung camera!
Danny Shin
0:09 black screen
Alex Gerontzos
Really disappointed in the battery knowing that this phone will be used for
its camera and to struggle to get a day out of it is poor I would hope they
at least include a second battery with the phone otherwise I wouldn't mind
this as a daily drive.
The OIS doesn't work at all on the footage you have there... Was it really
turned on? I mean, there's no distorsion but the image *is* shaky...
Eric Young
the best android authority video host by a LONG LONG shot
Lars Reviews
The short battery life is a total deal breaker in my point of view. I would
rather than take a camera with me, instead of a portable charger or more
batteries. And like he mentioned in the video, the cameras on smart phone
got pretty good. Even my moms y300 takes decent pics.
Crocky Ladd™
How much hair gel do you need...
Grayson Peddie
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is the reason why I want to buy a dedicated camera,
but the camera in a smartphone with optical zoom is very nice if not for
the battery life. I also do not like Samsung's signature home button in a
smartphone, so I have no interest in Samsung devices.
Eloy Evers
i wouldn't buy this because of its low res screen i think if a camera can
make good pictures then the screen should be able to display it my father
bought a nice pocket thingy with a very good camera but the screen is
horrible so......
Максим Куцев
Alexander Blackwell
Could you please compare cameras between this one, the previous one Galaxy
S4 Zoom and OnePlus One?
Kusay Moukaed
Josh does better reviews, he doesn't shake his head as much and he doesn't
have an unpleasant mustache like this guy, I like josh vigara better 
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