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Movie: Minecraft Xbox - Quest To Kill The Ender Dragon - Going To The Nether - Part 6

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Anthony Mancini
OMFG look at this 15:56
Why you sing alot.
Anthony Mancini
2:10 hes right
Amir Luqman
Stampy laugh is killing me... its funny tho
Zachary Dehon
18:06 kept clicking it then burst out laughing
E.R Bubba
Adrian Mullings
Press rt

Katherine Lam
X-ray :P
Mohsina Salloo
Mr stamylonghead how do you bilud a nether portal by hand or by paws
Michael Kidd
Amazing video guys! Keep giving the puns stamps! And sing with your
beautiful voice slippery singing spectacular squid!
osmar umanzor

Ashley Brewer
Stamps when u were getting pinned down by the ghasts the pun should have
been its a ghastly situation 
Kadin Petersen
Press left trigger
Paula Macedo
I love it stampy and squid 
Darrel Deleon
u must click what u do to place a block
Lisa Hohn
From Audrey - do the stampy , squidy song :-)
Georgia Genge
It is because you need generate structures on
Susan Mierzejwski
Tell squid I drew a picture of him
April Hall
Stop stampy your scaring me

Danny Lalor
that nether fort looked like hit the targets never fort
Justin Le
U guys should use bows and arrows more often
Anna Barbara
Squid you've been singing loads
Ella D.
With eye of ender u press left trigier just a tip :-D ;-)
Tien Nguyen
We're moving to the nether is a song
Cailey Rives
you have to right clickthe ground
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