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Movie: Minecraft Xbox - Quest To Kill The Ender Dragon - Going To The Nether - Part 6

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shariffah qistina
When squid say "Under the sea, under the sea..." i was actually saying
under the, under the...under the...Hahaha
jason hastings
Stampy. You should make a iron weapon change. Basically you make every
weapon out of iron. You have a change to do with each weapon. Like you haft
to kill a zombie with the sword. I hope you do this change Stampy.
NIghtof wolfdogs
heystampy i got a tips Well one is if you can do a prank on squid u could
make a soul sand floor and at the top making sure you wont see a dispensers
put arrows in them (cause u will need them) And too kill a ghast easier is
get a fishing rod to bring it down and finish off with a sword :D
fut ps3PS
Click LT to throw the eye of ender
Olivia Fraser
I hate i bilistic squids songs
Parody of All about that bass by Meghan Trainor

Because you no im all about that squid bout that squid no treble x4

Yeah its pretty clear he is slippery but he can shake it shake it like hes
supposed to do cuz he got that boom boom that all the subs chase and all
the right inc and all the right saaacs

U see the magazine working that photoshop u no that shit ain't real u gotta
make it stop cuz squid got the buety beuty and all the places

Cuz ever inch on you perfect from the bottom to the top

Yeah squid said don't worry about your subs show showww upp up

He says that viewers like the entertainment

Im not gonna be no cat at all

You know that you cant see it at all

All about that squid bout that squid no treble x4

Got that squid back

Go ahead and them hater bitches yeah im playin i know u think your cool its
not true
Matthew Taylor
my first video by y'all and I though squid was stampy... until I heard
stampys bad impression.
Joe Brooke
UHHH Guys... you throw ENDER PEARLS to
teleport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
jay cadger

SavvyGTV/ DolphinDIYs
Lol!! Squid singing Moves like Jagger!!! 
I Was Playing Minecraft And Watching Your Video And I Was Being Quite
Aviendha Flores
Stampy and Squid's full 'Going to the Nether' song: I'm going tooooooooo
the nether, toooooooooooooo! Me and Stampy, going to the nether, going to
the nether, going to the nether! Yes, we are! Yes, we are! Let's get on
going, come on let's go, those blaze rod's aren't gonna collect themselves,
you know! We're going to the nether, we're going to the nether, going
tooooooooo the nether! Tooooooooo the nether!
Gill Auton
I might go 2 the nether but ive only been on mc for 1 mounth and 3 days but
I have a world and play on creative im not sure weather to go or not I will
just die but I want to experience it 
Wanda Jackson
Dear stampy here is a way to kill blaze eassilly trap a ghast in a bedrock
house and get the the ghast to fire at the blaze and if you want to get the
enderdragon egg just get any piston anda lever and also if a player you
don't know just make a trap to protect your diamonds.
Kim Chesley
this blaze is on fire
G Thomas
i love stampy and squid i am on my dads thing watching this i am age 8 so i
have my own thing to and iPad stampy and squid are funny some time
adi cahyono
Michael Faircloth
Do not let said sing because I do not like it
Michael Orpe
Hey Stampy and Squid I've got a tale for ya about grizzly tales for
gruesome kids Lorry's a old man and Spindle shakes is a spider let's begen
! Lorry isn't scary at all believe it or not he isn't small! Spindlesakes
plays all day well Lorry tells the tales and has it all and I use to be
scared scare scare scare scared cats will not be sxaredy cats any more
Tiegan Twigg
Stampy said bad puns to they really can't change who they are bad puns is
what makes stampy and singing is what makes squid
Lauren Scarlett
Dear, Stampy please make a chocolate factory in your world Love, Lauren
shouldn't Hit The Target be in the nether fortress? NIghtof wolfdogs?
Shukri Gabow
swamp a fast tokill end dragon

Christian Sorensen
At about 3 minutes into the movie... you can hear an Enderman barking.
You can bring dogs in the neaver 
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