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Movie: Minecraft Xbox - Quest To Kill The Ender Dragon - Going To The Nether - Part 6

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dat gamer gal
I have a uncle bob.. he died last week in a car crash... i cant beleve how
ironic that is
The luck of spawning in a nether fortress
Haley Slominski
Hai Yo Stampy! I Love All Your Videos You Are Like My Soul! Whenever I Wake
Up I Always See In The Clouds *Stampy You Are The Awesomest And Funniest
Person I Ever Known!* *~ Haley Slominski* *Slo-Min-Skee*
Amir Luqman
Stampy laugh is killing me... its funny tho
puppylove andjellybeans
Good singing squid
Marya Khan
Here are the things I would bring to the nether: Wood blocks, water
buckets, torches, lava, doors, armor, diamond pickaxe, diamond axe, diamond
sword, a healing potion, a bed, a furnace, and a chest. I would bring a
door and wood blocks because If you need to build a house. 
Anthony Mancini
2:10 hes right
Michal Piwko Mekal
I see youtube
Nayara Simon
You guys need to kill a ghast and then start singing the ghostbusters song
but change it to ghastbusters.
Zachary Knotts
Hey Stampy, there's a little something on your face that's flaming, hahaha!

anna beard
17:58 squid swore!!!!!
ridwan simjee
stampy won the bet
15:55 burst out laughing
Mango Lotus
Sing stampylongnose sing
Monique Macleod-Burvenich
I was really confused in the first few seconds of the episode lol

Bianca Hazboun
If you pause at 6:23 there where two extra chests that you could have
Molly Craig
13:09 I jumped at the ghast!!!!!!
Lillia Rose Peace
I am 
Levon Shakarian
you click left trigger!!!!
miscreant gamer
nice joke about the woods lol...
Why you sing alot.
hahahaha at ;16.8 lol
Clint Reilly

Hi lol :)
Zachary Dehon
18:06 kept clicking it then burst out laughing
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