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ffp: Stop cheating in Counter-Strike and other games.

Movie: NBA 2K14 MyTeam - SAPPHIRE PLAYERS! - How to Unlock! - Schedule - Sapphire Packs? - XboxOne PS4

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Emo Violins
if you don't see any stars whatsoever and you have no ability to buy them
then you must not be connected to psn or xbox live. you have to be signed
into your account in order to play with them and buy them with vc
I think it's worth it
Kayras Channel
bu a kd sapphire is better than a kd
Jayden Taylor
paul pierce i believe
Astbird 19
Please keep MUT as your main videos
Alexander Gunn
smh no
Ethan Schonkala
I need some subs
i have no internet/psn for my nba 2k14, is there another way to buy players
Flowery Tomb
what about the celtics?
Burg, I personally like the 2k videos it adds diversity keep up the good
christian cruz
First comment and like what's up bird
Thomas Jacobson
more maddeeeennnnn
Ethan Schonkala
Subscribe to me
Arthur Ornelas
Dwolf L
No transfer, its unlikely.
Good vid
lllllllleeeeeeeettttsssssss ggooooooo
Hey, when will all the players be able to be bought on the market?
Michael Norsworthy
you are such a nice guy
Not hating on ur vid its a. Good vid just saying
2k14 sucks
my team is better :) not as much of a cash grab
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