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Movie: [14] Let\'s Play Clash of Clans Episode 14 - DO do this, DON\'T do this (Gameplay Commentary)

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Benjamin LeBlanc
Awesome videos love your personality kinda corky and professional just
started clash of clans you are helping me out of my noob faze
Being in a clan doesn't stop attacks at all. I recommend just looking for
someone who is friendly and mature in general chat and joining.
Glad to have you :) Always love to hear feedback, so let me know how I'm
doing :) If you appreciate my stuff, Like+Fav to help others find it
(sorry, but it really does help)
thank you...awesome video!!!
rage guy
y dont u gather your gems
i am in your clan too. what's your nickname? i cant see in the video
Wormy Flipper
Whats the name of your clan
Anders Mørkholt
But you can get an extra builder
Hahah i always press like return home or so
loving the videos man , keep this shiit up ;) x
Nice to see you back man
Bryce Doney
Can i join your clan 1248 and barb king
Aaron Sylvia
i'm playing on android, and i don't seem to have enough walls available at
town hall level 4 to encompass the air defense like you are able to. any
idea why?
Something else and then im like what lag it doesnt work
Wackymoomoo Donaghey
Lol u have 14 achievement
Hello Can you look at my base, my character's name us Omkar, I would really
appreciate it if you gave me tips to improve my base. Thank you
He went geek mode at the end with the references lol.
hunter bales
Wat do u mean unsupported?
Patrick Esposito
Jack look at chief pat vids
Brandon Stowell
hey can i please join your clan i keep geting attacked and my shield is
running out >_<
I checked what your village looked like and I can't find anyway to are good!!
Ah, hi ya. Glad to see you join. Be sure to check out the subreddit as
well (link in description) if you haven't ready. Hope to see you around. As
Brandon said it is Derpy.
Ian Linde
Why dont you want exp?
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