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Movie: Celebrating Jeff Hanneman @ Revolver Golden Gods 5th Anniversary Red Carpet

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Sejo Hajdarbeg
Jeff Hneman was the best metal song writer in the world,song writer of the
moment,it was so iresponsible from him to die like that and to leave
Slayer alone.Hopefully ,Kery King developed himself as a songwriter and
Slayer wil be good as before
Also holy shit did Zakk Wylde look like a different person twenty years ago
vs. now.
Phil Anselmo, man. What a great way to phrase the heartbreak, dude.
Black Death 1347
Zakk always turns up for the homies.
Nolan Moore
Phil Anselmo is a really nice and sweet guy. "It's hurting my heart to tell
you the truth"
Joshua Bismarks
aw bless Lemmy
David Gomez de los Santos
So sad that he will never get the credit of all the things he has composed
for the band. So underrated, Rip Hanneman.
who the fuck is corey taylor? idea but i dont like him from the second
i see him, you are not part of the scene, go away.
Corey Taylor for president. Period.
i cant believe how old dave ellefson looks... holy shit he aged 50 years in
a decade
who is the guy with Corey, Pitbull?? XD
Nope. Your reply is not working. Nice try. Did you just tell me you like
"sucking cock"? Hey, what you do on you own spare time is your business. Im
not here to judge.
Dr. Otto Octavius
Who's the guy next to Pitbull?
yea I kno, I just bought a Jackson cuz thtas what the store had lol, sold
that motherfucker like 6 years ago though after I lossed my job because I
told the taco bell manager to go eat a dick, good times, good times.
Hello. Hope you guys can help me. What is the name on the song at: 1:59 -
2:04? And what band is it? R.I.P Jeff :-( Narsiarka.
Danny Reese
RIP first metal song was "At dawn they sleep" I will pass your
riffs on to my kids(If they jam) and anyone that plays guitar.....jam with
Dime bro
It surely is! :(
Halestorm maybe?
RIP..Rest in Piss!
Steven DeJesus
Also Jeff was sponsored and played an esp.....
this really sucks...=( i wonder whos gonna replace jeff or what if slayer
breaks up . i wanna cry.
steve kennedy
Hey Phil you are fat as fuck! Slayer rules!
shiam kannan
Metal Band In Heaven: Vocals1 - Ronnie James Dio Vocals 2 - Paul Baloff
Guitar 1 - Jeff Hanneman Guitar 2 - Chuck Schuldiner Guitar 3 - Dimebag
Darrell Bass - Cliff Burton Drums - Clive Burr
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