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Movie: LoL - Poppy 2 pt1 - Bigfatjiji

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Jason Guzman
I though since his name was bigfatjiji he actually meant bigfatgg
@SztukaEgzegezy Means vagina actually.
lau edwin
lol bigfatjiji is asian? he speaks like one =O
zomg! jiji playing poppy!!!! *dies*
jiji is too good :)
Anyone knows the music?
i thought "jiji" means the vagina in chinese?
jiji = penis jjijji = nipples he explained that in an interview. rather
interesting. the next question asked was "so jijijjijji means
dicknipples?", and he answered "i guess, lol".my pleasure 4 clearing this
Voluptuous Troglodytes
@ntas9693 It's jiji not chichi lmfao. Jiji means penis in Chinese, hence
why it's called "bigfat". Dat troll jiji.
lau edwin
@SztukaEgzegezy ahh i noe but not sure his chinese or not =O im a canto XD
Zetsubou Shita
Bigfatjiji streams? Finally!
Eric Nip
@MrAssassin4444 I think he's taiwanese
Mick Boe
kennen skin is not a pumpkin its a chipmunk!
Zetsubou Shita
@MrAssassin4444 'jiji' means 'penis' in chinese.
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