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Movie: How To S-off HTC Sensation / XE / 4G | HBOOT 1.27 & + | Juopunut Bear

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Wassim Rahmani
After the root,can you show how to install JellyBean 4.1.1 please ?
Abdel Sawadogo
i do it one time and it success.thank you bro.happy new year to you
Albert Roman
Mine says device s-off already
Filip Cichocki
I have a problem with ControBear :
======== ControlBear 0.5
Starting up......
Connecting to device...
Searching device.....
Found device.....
Backing up......
Transferring backups....
Secondary backup FAILED!
Press ENTER to exit.....
after 2 or 3 try of the paper clip shit control bear ceassed to detect the
phone and it apear that the phone shut down
so i tried to turn it on again by pressing the power button but the phone
just don't react to anything like if it was dead
CFC Allstar
what shall i do if it says no root on my Phone?? O.o
Ionut trial
says: connect the device and install drivers... what drivers ? i have
allready install htc sync , what drivers ? 
Heru Tri Wahyono
Thanks're my Hero...big Hugh from Indonesia :)
Annie Tracy
can i do it on my Amaze 4g
sara meier
jut jut
Abrar Amin
Peeps running Windows 8 be sure to install HTC drivers for this to work.
Was having a problem Temproot was telling me device not found. Solved now
mslam ashour
my HTC sensation is s-off and unlocked hboot
So I did steps 3 and 4.
But when I using any app need root, It send me notification ex (app need
root permation)
What have I do to solve it
Sam Dhiman
it showing msg on control bear.. that device needs to be HTC unlocked...
what is it ?? rply fast
Avneet Singh
my Sensation XE is constantly showing the joupuntobear screen... I triedthe
wired trick . My phone restarted and then on cmd it said failed .I tried
this few times still the same and now it is stuck.
Marcin Perkowski
Someone have link for controlbear 0.6 beta or newest? I unlock bootloader
in sensation with htcdev and i need that program
Cleaning the screen is difficult than doing S-OFF!
Gianluca Badejo
Holy crap this is complicated ! I hoped your website might have the
instructions in black and white, because your accent is SO strong that I
cannot understand you - and rooting a phone following instructions provided
by someone with an incomprehensible accent is too risky - but no, you just
link to this video.
It's a pity because you obviously know what you're doing.
Avneet Singh
I tried the wire trick . Every time it gives the same error of 66732377 , I
tried many times but gives same error . What should I do ? Please help !
NextGenGTR |
it could of entered the deep sleep mode. what does your phone say when you
plug it in to your computer? try this, remove everything including the
battery and charge the phone for 6+ hours via a usb cable but remember no
battery in the phone just the usb cable.. then re try.
Did your SD-Card, which was in the Phone during the wire Trick work
properly afterwards? i have been reading that the SD-Card may get unusable.
Flo WolfOne
you must use a CM developed for Sensation not for DHD ;)
Flo WolfOne
is that now solved?
works exactly same mate, if your having similar problems to what i had just
say i will try to help :)
Flo WolfOne
you have to follow my video: How to unlock HTC device
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