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Movie: Minecraft Xbox - Hunger Games - Against All Odds - Part 2

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Eddie Chan
May the odds win................
Lisa Welsh
Please can I be in your love garden my reason is we had to write an
autobiography about someone we like and I chose you my name is Reece Finley
Xbox name TBExSNIPERZz

Adam Quick
Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!M go amagicanimal
representers stampylongnose and ibalisticsquid
Becca Boo
Well done! Too bad though, Squid, but you made it that far!
This is one of my favourite HG episodes with stampy and squid...always gets
me in stitches! I watched it at least 3 times now lol!
Olivia Sterling
Stampy is amazing
brian smyth
Stampylongnose some times your funny my favourite part is when you glist
froo the wall
Another good game...
Nicole Couch
Hello slimeyslime
Bregenor Anthoran
This is probably Stampy and Squid's best win. 
dionne sesepasara
name call me waterrose
Siraj Mohammed
that was genius stamps is a mc pro
Epic Gamer150
OMG! AMAZING (no offense stampy I didn't think u would win.)
jenny Zheng
That was so stupid, I got so angry will watching this, STUPID!!!
Your Name Here Your Surname Here
Now I'm angry I just got banned from computers from watching this D: 
Jazmin Torres
Was he serious about the tatoo
Leslie Newpher
Best hunger games ever!
Sam Kuhn
Yaaaa up for download I think this is the best map 🐱and squid team up for
the win !!!
Mark Parker
Stampy ,you are an amazing player .You are my most favorite player on
Minecraft ALWAYS and forever!!
Amanda Allen
i love this e.p.e.s go syampylongnong
Alex Arnold
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! its up for download but how do you download maps. don"t
matter do more videos
Sukbhinder Singh
Make more video
Hayleigh Davis
Time : 3:38 you said CAKE lol nice one 
nice round stampy and squid 
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