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Movie: Minecraft Xbox - Hunger Games - Against All Odds - Part 2

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Mavis Vermillion
That was genius!
Amelia Fathelbab
Stampy have you ever used icing of a cake for hair gel ? 
Shayo Gamin
Can you put this map up for download plz?
Bregenor Anthoran
This is probably Stampy and Squid's best win. 
Cowpig Chicklamb
Woot woot go stamps-cowpigchicklamb
Marbella ACEVEDO
When u screamed u sounded like a little girl
Kate Bullough
It was not a glitch it was when he woke up he got up behind the bed which
was where the glass was so he could go through the wall
Javier Rangel
Dones stampy Have 2 accounts?
Dimond Miner
Best Hunger Games Ever!
mega builders
that was like jeniouse stamps
Angelina Biakeddy
#yeeeeeeeeeoooooo !
Deisia Lind-Kaina
I literally hit my head at the end XD
glitter rox
Call The Map "Cake House" :D
That was the best ending of mcsg i've ever seen.
Stasia AJ
That was so cool!
I did fall out of my seat from going to close to edge, really!
stampy, your like the beast of hunger games!
lightning minecraft
so cool plz do more
Tris-Hermione Everdeen
Asael Gomez
Taylor K
I was on the edge of my couch :-D
keyan jaf
Cool map
Jamar Jahi
You will always win when you work together ! Your voice is squikey stampy
good job you won woohoo

Jinx Mage
Much epic. 
CaptainVenomMC- The Good Gamer
Minecraft Chick42792
Did you guys ever realize that you like win ALL of these games!
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