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Movie: Minecraft Xbox - Hunger Games - Against All Odds - Part 2

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i love this.....this must be one of the amazing hunger games videos in the
world GO STAMPY!!!!:D 
Henlicous Sim
That was awesome! YOUR GENIUS
Sue Galvan
this is to sqid and stampylongnoes I have so much to ask how do you down
lod the map I won't to no how to do It in mincraft my name is galvan love
can you ad me to you love garden pleas be code my dad dead
Helen Marram
Dramatic music and huge tension when squid was killed!
Michika Yamamoto
That was sooo awesome,the best hungergame video on youtube!!!!!!!!!!
yiwen lin
Like this if you are watching this in 2014
Shannon Young
How could you glitch through the wall ?
Can you do more on this map ?

Lisa Sweet
Make. MORE videos. Please

Yaribel Baez
Best video ever!
Maribel Munoz
Stampy you won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caleb Simerman
This is the closest game I have ever seen! That was smart to glitch through
the window!
renalyn san jose
Stampy's u said ill scout to make sure we didn't get surrounded but what
happened I'm not making fun of u thx 2 that i like ur channel even more
Hunter Rylance
Nice stampy u thought well about go itching the game that's the only way to
win haha
Clash and Game
I DONT LIKE THIS....):...... i love this!!!
stephen shippey
Is fin ball a girl or a boy
ray dawson
It was a really good video because I liked stampys idea he gliched through
the wall best hunger games ever!!!!!!!!!!
Another good game...
Ellie Foote
OMG loved the END 😂😂
Mark Parker
Stampy ,you are an amazing player .You are my most favorite player on
Minecraft ALWAYS and forever!!
Trevor Gracey
I saw them when u where in ur invatory running past so u where right
It was so loud when stampy and squid yelled because stampy won
OMG I was off my chair #mosttencegameever
Willow Andrews
The cake huse should be an edible house made out of cake!
jenny Zheng
That was so stupid, I got so angry will watching this, STUPID!!!
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