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Movie: Collins Key - Magician Predicts Twitter Answers From Judges - America\'s Got Talent 2013

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He used Genjitsu.
Edgar- O
some slick move happen around 3:15 and on
I can see why he had difiulty communicating with people
Everything Cool
who dreams about tweets 
The assistant that brings out the ladder is in on the act. He wrote them
down and attached the container to the back of the ladder. As the magician
brought the box down and placed it on top of the ladder, he shoved the
container inside the box through a back panel - more likely to be a 'trap
door' panel as opposed to a hole. After that, it's done.
Jason Barr
Who else Cringed when he said "swag" haha
I know how he do that! Only one thing was added during the show and it was
the ladder, on 3:03 he collapse the one box wall and next he put the paper
to the box, which grabbed from the ladder. Inside the box he placed the
paper to the tube. That's all. Words on the paper wasn't written by him.
Liberal Lies
If you look closely at 3:15 you can see his hand go through the bottom of
the box. The case he "pulled out of the box" was actually tucked under the
top platform of the ladder. Someone was backstage listening to the tweets,
wrote them down, and then tucked them under the top platform of the ladder.
Then the guy brought the ladder out so he can "reach the box" (which he
conveniently needed the ladder to reach). Then he simply slipped his hand
through the box, grabbed the container from under the platform and acted as
if he actually pulled it out of the box.... it's the only way he did it.
misaki khan
Personally, i like his magic, and its haters like critics who doubt him are
the ones causing the world distress, so shut up and watch the f***ing show
or not, and if you dont have something good to say, then shut the f*** up!
Priscila Mena
Did he win?
Spoony Spoon
there's a little tiny midget inside writing this down
I thought he was so cool and slick until he said swag like 3 times.
David Hill
The fact that you're all fighting over the method and have almost a dozen
theories makes it a pretty good trick.. ya think?
Awesome Fake Talent.
fake stupid america trust him ;)
Mithun Kumar
at 3.06 he places the stuff carefully
Quan Chung
Anybody know the background music name for this?
Romi Feyants
Who won ???
Boooouy not only he good, he hoooooooot
Paola Hernandez
I've seen it on TV and he gets emotional and I cry lol
Maria Cobain
It was cool until he said 'swag.'
Jayse Greene
A little anti-climactic
cool trick, but he's kind of a tool.
The greatest magic trick? Make those 4 useless "judges" disappear. 
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