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Movie: Tronsmart Prometheus running Android 4.2.1. Plus XBMC IS Working On 1080p!

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Md Shawon
Is there a link for the XBMC 1080P apk ?
can do one for the Tronsmart T428
I love this channel
Gary Scalise
Best place to be for cool tech info...
Wim Ederveen
Does this device support real 5.1 audio? All other devices I've seen only
support stereo downmixing. And no it's not allways surround when there is
sound coming from all speakers, pro logic II for example just fakes
surround by playing sound from all speakers, I want real surround, either
pass through or decoded by the device. Anyone know an android device that
can deliver?
Very cool
Sovereign Knight
@ Ken, if you do the heat sink mod it will fix any lockup troubles you've
encountered. This device requires a heatsink to work properly. Why the
heatsink was left out on a retail to market device is baffling to say the
least. I have no idea why Tronsmart didn't put this device through the
ropes first before releasing it to the public. Overall it is a good device
but the heatsink mod is a MUST.
Can you please check and confirm? I think I saw PCM audio options in your
suro nimi
May be the stick T428... I have read something like that on ebay
I use default brightness settings and standard color profile, max quality.
However, either bottom bar is gray in Tronsmart device or you captured it
in different settings because blacks look like grayish black in your video.
Btw I'm happy to see you make better and better videos (music, no more mic
problems with added background noise, elgato etc)
yes if you get the finless ROM from freaktab com it does.
Jurgen Treep
Great work once again :)
I have the Elgato Game Capture (I added a link in the videos description) I
just used the standard color profile. I figured that the extended color
might make the video file bigger. I saw that the you can adjust the
brightness and some color setting too but I just left them at the default.
What settings would you recommend?
Sovereign Knight
@ Rivers, There is a 4.2 custom ROM for this device that fixes the problems
I described in a later post?
Cristian Rondoni
Dear Somecootech1. I need your help. Whe I bought box, with android 4.1.2,
the webcam works good with skype video chat. After upgrade with latest
firmware version of march, webcam and video chat doesn't works.(android
4.2) How I can solve this problem? Could you please send me a stble
firmware version and the instruction to flash it. thanks a lot. Regards.
Thanks I appreciate it.
Dylan Pereira Silveira
netflix app version 2.1.2 working fine here. I am dispointed with the video
quality of the netflix app. I think the webside on the desktop is better.
@Sovereign Knight is this all true. How does xmbc work with the new
software. Can I watch a movies for hrs without it shut down
Hey i have a question.. how do i hide the submenu while playing
movies/videos. aka the back/ home/ screen shot buttons.
Hey thanks Sovereign Knight. I'll check it out.
Hey thanks. I think the capture is a little brighter than the original.
David Worden
Awesome video! Im real glad theres an update for this, ill be installing it
Sovereign Knight
I've upgraded my Prometheus to 4.2.2 and still no Bluetooth support. :(
Thanks Gary!
Hello is there a way to do Facebook and youtube look like or play the pc
version ?Cant find an option that does that...
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