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Alice 392
galaxy heaven
lol he dancing to teach me how to! i slapped my face
bcoz of that,,lololol
sparta ji
I just.... realized what valet parking means... HOLY SEUNGYOON.
GDAllaine Fria
seungyoon eat more healthy foods please
Kalanh MCbeth
"ballet parking" I died!! Seungyoonie oppa you're so cute & dorky!! 
Huriyyah Hameed
He stretched like a cat and I found that absolutely sensual. WTH is wrong
with me? O.o AH! KSY! This is what you've done to my head.
아 너무 귀엽지 말라고!!ㅋㅋㅋ 아어떡햌ㅋ 너무 귀여웧ㅎㅎㅎ
"ballet parking" cut in 3, 2, 1, *slaps face* LOLHAHAHAHAH STAHP IT
Maya Wang
Though I can't understand Korea, I really enjoy this short video. KSY u r
so adorable. People should watch this video to learn more about KSY, he
actually has a 4D personality and he is totally different from what we
thought about him before <3. This video can tell how cute our Kang leader
is. :D
Mondarahae HaeDara
hahahaha LMAO! "valet parking" ???? hahahahha he did dance ballet!
bwahahaha! OH MY GOD KSY! you're PABO! i love you!
Ruchan Nosatsu
I remember being shocked after watching this. Kang Seungyoon, you made my
day. ROFL =))
way 142
My energizer
Ruchan Nosatsu
If you are reading this your parents are going die in 5 years to undo the
curse post this 5 times
g'dammit. -_-
oyuka A
lol love it when they were singing high high.
i love his true-self not like those fake idols , team A fighting !!!
Ra BlueSky
ohmygod! I now know why he is double park's favorite dongsaeng, his
personality is perfectly same with the Double Park ^^
just curious year of Rooster as in '93? and year of dog as '94? do you by
chance know LSH's age or year?
Hatenai Sora
Omfg, he is funny!!! I completely agree that Team A seems to have great
potential to do well on variety shows! :D
이 지은
강승윤 덕질을 시작하게 된 계기
Can't stop replaying Mino's "GOOOOWWW" he's so funny!
Ballet parking? Omo Seungyoon you are priceless ! really ! Team A are so
funny, and hard working. I really like them/ And Team B is really good too
i love how mino is so patient in waking him up. hahaha seungyoon i love you!
Marielle Jimenez
did anyone else noticed that he has scars on his back? i wonder what
happened to him~ i saw like 5 different scars D:
YG ChoiSeungHyun
1000likessss ~
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