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Movie: Darkfall Beta - Mahirim Starting Area (Part 1)

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People don't play games if they suck. And what I ment is that, I doubt
Darkfall will have more players than WoW.
His body might be blocking the fact that he's holding some lovely flowers.
im going to play this race because all the lotr wanna-be's will be playing
the lol-legolas
Your kidding right? Ranged classes? 1st, there are no classes, people can
(and should) gain experience and both melee and ranged. This said, if you
can't hit someone with mana missle, you suck real bad. Bows are a little
harder but they do more damage so it's ok
yeah.i have seen solman on at least 8 videos all saying the same thing.
well you heard wrong..the alfar are at war with everyone..but they can
still group with people..
Lol it is not boring I play it. The combat is epic, you can build cities,
build ships,
Lol.. I'm going mahirim. The other races are gay. Well. Orc's are pretty
cool. But their cities and terrain looks so boring :S.. But i think i will
have trouble if i meet a dwarf warrior xD. Like: "What the fuck?! Is
something attacking me? Can't see it!! Grr.." xD
they will be populated they don't even has 25% of people on beta yet
Inya CrackHole
Not really
To bad ive heard this race has the biggest hitbox, only allied with orks
and has only worst start stats. I thinking about starting out with them.
Are you mentally challenged? Yeah, the game is gonna be spamming a hit idiot. Do you even know anything about the game? Much more
then hitting a button, if you knew anything.
Everybody can use spells, Everybody can use Bows, Everybody can use Plate
Armor, Everybody can do whatever they want... There are no character
classes... and if the "mana missle" hits next to you, you still take splash
damage... Combat looks cool in my opinion, a refreshing change from staring
at your tool bar waiting for the cooldown on your next attack/mez
Mmm i don't think anybody LIKEs losing items really
Mehmet Gunal
10k views already? That is one server for you, right there..
What the fuck? Why do you noob keep writing stupid commands, questions???.
Read on the forum! As they say there the Animations WILL BE IMPROVED IN
TIME! As they say on the FORUM!! They made the gameplay first then they
will improve the graphics later!. THATS WHY THEY WILL FUCKING OWN WOw.
There will be no noobs on Darkfall spamming NERF MAGES!! NERF WARRIORS!
Stupid ass blizzard..
Says the guy who hasn't played it. Shut the fuck up and go back to WoW,
Shaun Imber
Thank you so much for leaking! Please upload more. A pvp video would be
extra nice.
Well technically they "can"
Dylan Visi
What determines whether or not something is better than something else?
Your opinion? I don't think so. Its the opinions of everyone, so if
Darkfall has more subscribers than WoW after so many years, then ya, its
better. Popularity is EXACTLY what determines how good a game is.
darkfall looks really boring from what ive seen. Prove me wrong if u like
Chris Foster
What's natural is a gnome holding Crimson Cranium Crusher or Armagedon (IN
ONE HAND). If a gnome can carry something 5x it's weight/size... Why can't
tauren use houses, huts, tepees, or towers as weapons? Why can't an undead
or human grab a cow as a weapon? It's natural... naturally 5x it's
Nurican McNigg
thanks :D
Metalkon C
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