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Movie: Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice / LibreOffice

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"Like" and "similar", those are the key words. LibreOffice has an ugly UI
and needs a lot of features that MSOffice has to considered as a viable
alternative for most users.
Jett A Angeles
I got Microsoft 2013 for only $9.95

I should have looked up other freeware before purchasing the product. But
that's what I get for being too impatient -_-

By the way, if you're wondering on how I got Microsoft very cheap? The
place I worked at was offering it, so, I just took it lol.
I use gEdit and Abiword to make rtf documents. :P It's an overkill for text
editing for me. I cannot understand this obsession with "office apps". It's
for editing text files FFS! If you need to include pictures just use some
rtf [rich text format] editor! It's not a video or audio editing software
we're talking about. I think everybody should just use Abiword and rtf
files or plain txt files. it covers 99% of all the normal user's needs.
Period. However, when it comes to bloody "Office" LibreOffice should be
that overkill that works for everybody. People are just too prejudiced and
generally not really intelligent... why this terrible attitude toward
something that's offered for free, also? Capitalist driven prejudice. If
it's not paid for - it has to be crap. Well actually, it is not that way at
all and the Open Source community finds other ways to finance themselves,
if that eases your minds.
My biggest problem with Open / Libre office is their UI, it is just ugly
and outdated. They look like Office 2003 and this is not a compliment.
Floris van Dam
I use openoffice
דוד שלמייב
Libreoffice's ui is kinda crappy...
Megurine Julia
OpenOffice is really good, I love it. :p
mohhamed rafi
I hate her because that she does not understand that company's go to most
support application. Just shut up. 
WPS Office/Kingsoft office
Kyle Javier
WPS office is the best for Linux... just get some extra fonts
Oumarou Dia
don't know what they're talking about!
Rene Prado
LibreOffice here when I need it! You should have it too!
Michi Müller
You forgot Openoffice!
These free office suite programs are awsome. I don't know why someone would
pay for Microsoft Office. If you know MS Office the transition to Open
Office or Libre is almost seemless.
Joseph Cotter
I like the fact that Nixie at least said 'almost' in her review. The fact
is, there are many features and functions in Microsoft Office that
OpenOffice, LibreOffice and the like do not do. For many, as she pointed
out, that might not be an issue. It is somewhat frustrating though when
people who aren't familiar with everything MS Office can do make
unqualified comparisons. (Not referring to Nixie specifically as her
review, though limited, was basically fair.) I am not an MS Fan per se... I
use it, I use Linux, I've taught both. Show me Outliner mode in an open
source document editor. Unless added since I last checked, it doesn't exist
(could have been added...) This is a huge function for anyone familiar with
it who manages complex documents. The automation functionality with being
able to record then edit macros is a very strong feature for people that
doesn't require extensive programming experience to do some very complex
automation. OpenOffice and LibreOffice (and their ilk) are very good
programs. They serve a strong role in their niche, but to blindly say 'they
can do everything MS Office can' is just showing one's ignorance. Saying
that these alternatives probably do everything many people would need on
the other hand is very accurate. And, as was pointed out, they do some
things MS Office doesn't, such as play better in the opensource world with
other opensource products, export data cleaner often... etc... Just keep it
real people and try to avoid ignorant biases.
Derek Martin
I use libre, for everyday use, it's great, however I need MS Access,
unfortunatley Base just doesn't cut it, as such I have to run windoze on
one machine just to get MS Access. And don't talk to me about wine or
crossover, they just don't give me full functionality of MS Access
Luisa Gómez
Why you read?, you not authenticates at all.
Arless Hill
Libre-office corrupts every file I make on Linux except for documents. :(
Can you do a Openoffice vs Libreoffice vs KingSoft 2013 Office latest
versions to compare features and ui? 
Alexandr Šnajdar
this video is all wrong! why present MS Office as THE One and Open/Libre
Office as an alternative?

LibreOffice is simply better then MS Office for Home and SME users.

For the large organisations there might be few question - but mostly
related to transitional issues due to the different technologies ... And
still LibreOffice has a significant (security, compatibility, maintenance,
integration, ...) advantages for those organisations too.

- all not mentioning the price of purchase ("0"/free/null),
maintenance/support (very competitive), management (why to bother about the
Slamet Aprilianto
i hope they change the gui of libre office...
Aleš Z
Open office - the biggest piece of crap i've ever seen, unless giving
something for free automatically means it can be worth a shit. I've spent
45 minutes trying to figure out how to turn off all the autocorrects, but I
still can't make that piece of shit allow me to write capital letters
wherever I want to. What brainfuck came out with a program that thinks its
smarter than the user is beyond my understanding.
Gaius Baltar
This... is... Hilarious.
wesley johnson
Damn it, I hate when I disagree with nixie.... it's those beautimus eyes.
lol really, we are comparing a couple wax apples to a real apple... In
terms of cloning sheep, these two are 3 legged, two tailed hermaphrodites.
If you take a snapshot of their cute little cuddly faces, you can't tell
the difference. But toss a carrot into the ring with the real MS Billy
Goats Gruff, and those sons of motherless goats are going to be mighty
hungry! Before long, your office suite will be chewing on a tin can.
Baaaaa-shit! lol

I suppose if all you do is keep a resume, write an occasional letter, and
keep track of your checking account, any one of the three would do that.
Access compatibility requires ODBC programming, one for each spreadsheet;
and you will find your ability to query and report has been significantly
handicapped. your network

There is no comparison, IMHO. Though I am a faithful contributing member
of several open source communities, and a Nixie fanboy, I have to play
devils advocate this time, sorry.
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