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Movie: Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice / LibreOffice

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Floris van Dam
I use openoffice
Rene Prado
LibreOffice here when I need it! You should have it too!
Gaius Baltar
This... is... Hilarious.
WPS Office/Kingsoft office
mohhamed rafi
I hate her because that she does not understand that company's go to most
support application. Just shut up. 
wesley johnson
Damn it, I hate when I disagree with nixie.... it's those beautimus eyes.
lol really, we are comparing a couple wax apples to a real apple... In
terms of cloning sheep, these two are 3 legged, two tailed hermaphrodites.
If you take a snapshot of their cute little cuddly faces, you can't tell
the difference. But toss a carrot into the ring with the real MS Billy
Goats Gruff, and those sons of motherless goats are going to be mighty
hungry! Before long, your office suite will be chewing on a tin can.
Baaaaa-shit! lol

I suppose if all you do is keep a resume, write an occasional letter, and
keep track of your checking account, any one of the three would do that.
Access compatibility requires ODBC programming, one for each spreadsheet;
and you will find your ability to query and report has been significantly
handicapped. your network

There is no comparison, IMHO. Though I am a faithful contributing member
of several open source communities, and a Nixie fanboy, I have to play
devils advocate this time, sorry.
Dmitriy Non
What a nice girl! :)
ahmad mansour
LibreOffice :D
דוד שלמייב
Libreoffice's ui is kinda crappy...
looknfor Chris
Hello my poor peeps.This if for Ussssss!
These free office suite programs are awsome. I don't know why someone would
pay for Microsoft Office. If you know MS Office the transition to Open
Office or Libre is almost seemless.
javier huaccha gonzales
por favor en español, gracias
Jose Torres
Is that shirt open source? I want one!
No one is making a free version of Publisher though, bummer.
Jalal Uddin
very interesting and time saver - openoffice - now i will practice it -

I like your t-shirt.
Joe Neri
I use Libre Office, exclusively, and it never gives me any problems.
Slamet Aprilianto
i hope they change the gui of libre office...
Can you do a Openoffice vs Libreoffice vs KingSoft 2013 Office latest
versions to compare features and ui? 
Johnny Fox
MS Office can't even compare to OpenOffice. Just because it has a much
better interface like the old MS Office interface. Plus it can output to
Doc and DocX so no need for Office really...
Liam Lougheed
fuck office and open/libre
google drive ftw
Thanks a lot for the help. I'll try it.
John Mike
Is Libre office same as MS office? As I haven't use this..
MS Office is costs not muchg for the private user. A such sophisticated
office needs people who work and must be paid.

So 100$ for a full featured office is a good price! You don't work for free!

OpenOffice and LibreOffice are great, but there is a reason why MS Office
is so popular...

Btw. I want to have sex with you.
I use the Drive
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