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Movie: Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice / LibreOffice

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My biggest problem with Open / Libre office is their UI, it is just ugly
and outdated. They look like Office 2003 and this is not a compliment.
Brian Ebers
Damn put some makeup on girl - damn. "Uber" ugly.
יוסי בריל
does kinux mint and libre office supports hebrew?
Pixel Doll
OpenOffice is really good, I love it. :p
Abel Carbonell
"Like" and "similar", those are the key words. LibreOffice has an ugly UI
and needs a lot of features that MSOffice has to considered as a viable
alternative for most users.
These free office suite programs are awsome. I don't know why someone would
pay for Microsoft Office. If you know MS Office the transition to Open
Office or Libre is almost seemless.
Eric Wood
I wish businesses would adopt LibreOffice, if not solely then as a side
alternative to Microshit's overpriced, overvalued suite. It's frustrating
not being able to use it simply because of those aforementioned
compatibility issues and an inability of a rigid company to expand its
software choices in the *free* and open source realm.
Brian Ebers
And what is up with that blue demonic teddy bear-like creature???
Joseph Thekkethala
OpenOffice & LibreOffice are not just "alternative". The Most effective
features, browser compatibility, add-ons as per the requirements in the
office, math facility all are exceptionally good.
Snorri Gylfason
#LibreOffice for #Linux 
You have to understand that I really love onenote. I can live without MS
word. But, the one thing without which I cannot live is onenote. It is
just such a great product. I use it daily with all things ranging from
just journaling to storing very important ideas and information. So, how
do you solve the problem of onenote? Surely you cannot go to libre office
for that. And evernote is a toilet product that not worth the shit that I
shit on it. I shit on ever note becuase it is pure garbage.
Johnny Teisco
OpenOffice is NOT college friendly. Go ahead. Make unique headers. I dare
דוד שלמייב
Libreoffice's ui is kinda crappy...
Енакентий Либерман
Пиздец какая ты страшная , прям как Псаки
I love the shirt!
Just a note, in an Excel cell, Alt enter skips down to wrap to the second
line, use Ctrl enter in Libre Calc. Just started with Libre and I wondered
if I should try Open Office. Thanks, Diane
Unfortunately, this is not true. Used to hate on MS, too, but I had a dual
Install of Windows 2008R2 and Kubuntu on my PC once. Wanted to use Windows
for Gaming and Kubuntu for anything else, including writing my school
summaries on the current LibreOffice (two to three years ago).
On the Windows side, I still had my old Office XP (ten years old back then)
cause I was a pupil and could not afford anything new.
And guess what, I always annoyedly returned to Windows and Office XP (which
was 10 years older than my LibreOffice, you remember?) because of rather
small things but they bugged the hell out of me. Plus, the documents never
looked that right/professional in Libre as they did on MSO XP.
Now I get MS Office 2013 for free from university, and don't tell me any
open source product can even get close to it, if they did worse than a
thirteen-year old program... Not even mention the looks of the program.

Don't get me wrong, it is great that there are free alternatives for people
who cannot afford MS Office, and for basic writing it does what it should.
But I guess I would take Office 97 over LibreOffice every day (unless I
would have to work with docx or sth like that...)
This video is slightly misleading because watching it you'd think
LibreOffice is the only successor to OpenOffice. Apache OpenOffice and
LibreOffice both came from OpenOffice originally. An idea would be to try
both programs first before deciding on which one you like best. 
WPS Office/Kingsoft office
Darren Mossman
Just a note, something I learned recently, is LO Draw can also be used as a
workable PDF editor as well. A little known, but an important feature for
simple edits of a PDF file.

Orlando Coker
The head of the pack is no doubt KingSoft Office, but that may not be an
option for most simply because it is not free.
5 out of 5 stars?
Over the years I have gone back to the various free office suits and done a
fair bit of testing. When you exchange documents with people /
organizations use MS Office, you pretty much have to use MS Office as well.
Of course you can write a letter in Libreoffice, but you can do that in
Wordpad, too. Or use the Google online apps, they are pretty good.
If you produce documents for yourself, you may use any of these free clones.
I don’t see the “ueber expensive”. An Office 365 is about $100 for 12
months for up to 3 home computers, that’s about $2.80 per MONTH. That’s not
expensive in my book.
It also has been years (no kidding) that I have seen MS Office crash.
I can only recommend that people do thorough testing before they decide to
use something like Libreoffice. Like everything it has advantages and
I was expecting an in-depth analysis of both Libre and Microsoft Office.
This was more like a basic presentation of those products.
I use gEdit and Abiword to make rtf documents. :P It's an overkill for text
editing for me. I cannot understand this obsession with "office apps". It's
for editing text files FFS! If you need to include pictures just use some
rtf [rich text format] editor! It's not a video or audio editing software
we're talking about. I think everybody should just use Abiword and rtf
files or plain txt files. it covers 99% of all the normal user's needs.
Period. However, when it comes to bloody "Office" LibreOffice should be
that overkill that works for everybody. People are just too prejudiced and
generally not really intelligent... why this terrible attitude toward
something that's offered for free, also? Capitalist driven prejudice. If
it's not paid for - it has to be crap. Well actually, it is not that way at
all and the Open Source community finds other ways to finance themselves,
if that eases your minds.
The Reviewer
Had to get libre office because windows 8 doesnt come with it you have to
buy it
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