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Movie: Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice / LibreOffice

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Prabhath MP
Well said :-)
Can you do a Openoffice vs Libreoffice vs KingSoft 2013 Office latest
versions to compare features and ui? 
'Free... We still get paid for shiz' - Me
I watch this video because I just lose my very important files on
OpenOffice.... OpenOffice suck big time...grrrrrr
kamizumoku .TheInformationDragon
I don't like how MSO 2007 and 2010 handles macros in Excel and I like good
old 2003 or LibreOffice if I'm on a my Linux laptop :)
Open Office can suck at times. The old way of using Microsoft
Word/Excel/PowerPoint was way better. The functions on the new Open Office
Impress/Writer, etc can be really complicated at times.
Tilen Čurin
Open Office pisses me off every time I use it...
Libre office...... not as good however, I'm going to rate this 5/5!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel PLUR
i'll try libreOffice....let's see
Ayhan Kesicioğlu
Ne gerek var Microsoft Office kullanmaya. Yasasin Libre Office
I like both, I don't care which one I use, if my PC comes with ms office
product key or if someone buys it for me, I'll use that. If not, then
Libreoffice. Libreoffice doesn't have as many features as MS Office but has
a better price/performance ratio. I'm starting to use my Linux distribution
more for personal use, so I'll stick to Libreoffice. I use Windows for
applications that aren't natively supported by Linux.
Wow I'm glad I found this channel! I was gonna go buy microsoft office in a
couple days. Now I think I'll got look at Libre Office! thanks for saving
me three hundred dollars !!!!!!!
Osel Somar
Everything Microsoft just stinks.
Quality content no BS and some humor...+1 subs for ya, keep the good work
up ;) !!!
LJE IT, Open Source IT, Marine IT, Alternative IT. Brighton
Fed up with paying #Microsoft #Office ? Try #FREE #OpenSource alternatives
for #Mac #PC #Linux #itsolutions #Brighton
MS Office is costs not muchg for the private user. A such sophisticated
office needs people who work and must be paid.

So 100$ for a full featured office is a good price! You don't work for free!

OpenOffice and LibreOffice are great, but there is a reason why MS Office
is so popular...

Btw. I want to have sex with you.
Khalid Khalid
we need more vidéos about libreoffice base
Alejandro Zapata
Ehhh...I've always been more of a google docs9cs kind of person 
Kelvin Knighton
LIBRE OFFICE!!!!!!! I like Microsoft Office, but I'm not going to fork out,
what..$100+ for it? Even if both were free, I'd probably go with Libre
Daglog Personage
another big advantage of LibreOffice is the fact there are great tutorials
for the software, in particular those by The Frugal Computer Guy.
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11 . 
libreoffice is the way to go...
Roxana Garcia
she's so cute, thank you
Until the ribbon came out, I found Microso*t Office a little more polished
than OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Now that the ribbon has come out, I prefer
the open source offerings.
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