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Movie: What if Michael Bay Directed \"UP\"?

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Michael Bay should have directed Titanic. Who cares about history, when it
hit the iceberg one of its nuclear reactors melted down causing a
thermonuclear blast that hurled radioactive zombies over the entire planet.
Explosions, explosions everywhere.
M, son
What if michael bay directed the universe?
Christina Major
Mmmm, I dunno. What do you think, +Charles C. Dowd? Needs more
Louis Pickett
At 0:57 what is that song called?!?
Moritz Tolxdorff
*UP - The Michael Bay edition*
Rafo Villegas
Michael Bay is ruining my chilghood. If you grew up in the 90´s you are
probably in panic of this guy putting his hands over Robotech or
Thundercats. His formula?, explosions, blood and some more explosions.
Plot? It´s not a must for him. Actor?, any, but he has an special repulsion
for the ones that know how to act.

This is the trailer of “What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"? And tell me if
I´m wrong.

#michaelbayexplosions #michaelbayruinedmychildhoodstuff #transformers
#michaelbay #up #robotech #thundercats
What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"?
I don't get it, Why are there so many jokes about Michael Bay being
obsessed with explosives? What did he do for him to get this kind of
reputation? (Just curious)
What if Michael Bay directed Porn?
What movie is the carrier explosion from?
Name of song 
Ieuan Mills
So good! And true xD
What if Michael Bay directed "back to the Future"? :D
Posted right on my birthday, haha
Song? Frogot the name
Justins Journeys
not gonna lie, this looks better than the original. I wish he had directed
Alltime Conspiracies
Needs more explosions. 
Sammy Whiteley
probably been asked a load of times before, but can someone please tell me
the soundtrack?
Song at 1:05?
What was the song when the explosions started?
Aaron Veverka
Probably the best one!

What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"?:
+Martin Jones +Robert Angle +Alex Berrios
How do you make your own words and letters as same as the Transformers
In the end of this video, UP has the same text style, I want to know how I
can make that!!!!!!
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