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Movie: Buyer beware!! When buying used GSM phone off craigslist and eBay

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Checking imei on the spot doesn't guarantee you shit. The phone can be
blocked in few months later when the original owner stops paying or reports
it stolen
Chue Hang
This is why I don't buy phone off of Ebay or Craigslist.

It happen to my brother in law before, he bought an Iphone 5s off of Ebay
for a really good deal but it turn out to be reported stolen and At&t would
not allow him to activate the phone.
Brian C
Stay the hell away from e bay and craigslist most of those phones are
stolen.Best is to buy it from apple or a phone company.
Anton Iliev
The carrier doesn't care if the owner sells the phone. If he stops paying
during the 2 year contract, the device will be locked. 
beauty craze
Good video I call to verify an esn for sprint and they said they couldn't
do it over the phone,when other com check it out
for you wit no problem.
Miner Shray
It is safe if you buy a blacklisted att phone if you r on the mobile
network since they do not share the imei
i jad a friend who was younger than me he was like 15 and i bought his
android off of hime and the next day his mom reported it lost and it was
unusable it pissed me off because i payed for it but he didnt know how to
reverse it
That's exactly what happened to me... I paid 550 on craigslist for a galaxy
note 3 the crook told me everything was new and good and after two months
of using my phone started having connection problems, then it completely
died. When I called tmobile to ask what happened they told me too bad for
you we are not taking off the block you might as well throw the phone away.

I want to order a phone from Ebay but im afraid to do it becouse im not
sure that im buying legit phone how to recognise replica ? please answer
dog house
OMG i already know all this. maybe you guys should just know what your
doing. Ha bitches. 
DangMan Lieu
Man thanks you just save me hundreds and hundreds. Good work man
I've been scammed on a Nexus 4 before last year on Craigslist. 1 or 2
months later I couldn't get any signal until I called T-Mobile, only for
them to tell me that it was blacklisted. I'll be requiring either a receipt
showing that it was paid in full, or have them give me a pic of the IMEI to
verify it's clean with both AT&T and T-Mobile, followed by seeing the IMEI
in person if it passes.
Alex Corv
if its a GSM phone, the IMEI gets blocked WORLD WIDE, or on a CDMA phone
the ESN is blocked. you cannot activate a phone like that unless the owner
is too stupid or lazy to reported stolen
This happened to me with an iphone 5 how do i fix this?
Not on all carriers, some block even false IMEI #, plus Boost/Cricket/Metro
use CDMA not GSM. Plus they are now working on a nation database. You can
change the IMEI but require reflash, which require a special device and
software, like a Z3X to do so, some you can just hack. I know as I use to
refurbish phones. But you still going to need a good IMEI now.
dude what if I buy a phone from the US that has a bad esn but activate it
in canada. It should no?
soufiane beaufils
Hii, is there any way to know that a iphone s been reported stolen, cuz i
wanna get a iphone from craiglist but im not really sure if that phone is
clean or nooot Thanks
Jordin Hicks
I bought an AT&T iPhone 4 and put my Straight Talk sim card in it, and it
worked for about 2 hours and then stopped. I tried to make a call and it
said the iPhone was blocked, so it was reported stolen. I really need to
use this phone, I don't have the money to buy another one. What can I do?
Clint Hernandes
Guys If you want a good site to know the owner of a phone go to the site
that is on my profile, if I remove it send me a message and I'll tell you
Hello. :) Thanks for sharing. Great job!! ^^ It's very informative. :3
Berzerker Beats
crapco failtury
What do you have to say about the People who sell brand new phones real
cheap on Craigslist?
jeston meyers
How did you get that custom rom?
You Can Unblock IMEI On All Gsm And You Can Flash Any CDMA To
Boost/Cricket/Metro Etc
Ousmane Harakoye
Same here, got ripped $345, mine was a fake s4.
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