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Movie: Dragon Ball Z Power Chart: Do These Rankings Make Sense?

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Qaamans Land
Guys I will try to be VERY active in this comment section for a few days so
if you really want me to read your comment, Just copy and paste your
ranking and Ill try me best to get back to you.
Qaamans Land
Guys im having a blast with this video. You guys have convinced me that
Videl is weaker than Yajirobe although I still think she would stand a good
chance considering spopovich was very powerful for a regular human but
thanks for all the feedback guys. I love the disagreements as it makes it
Pretty sure Yajirobe would crush Videl; Also Popo mentioned that Kami was
much stronger than him in Dragonball.
My list:

1 Whis
2 Beerus
3 Goku
4 Gohan
5 Majin Buu
6 Vegeta
7 Kibito Kai
8 Cell
9 Piccolo
10 Dabura
11 Trunks
12 Goten
13 Elder Kai
14 Supreme Kai
15 Android #16
16 Android #17
17 Android #18
18 Dr. Gero
19 Android #19
20 Freeza
21 Tenshinhan
22 Krillin
23 Captain Ginyu
24 Yamcha
25 Nappa
26 King Kai
27 Chaozu
28 Raditz
29 Yajirobe
30 Kami
31 Mr. Popo
32 Master Roshi
33 Piccolo Daimao
34 Korin
35 Taopaipai
36 General Blue
37 Babidi
38 Videl
39 Fortuneteller Baba
40 Bulma
41 Tenkaichi Budokai Announcer
42 Oolong
43 Chi-Chi
44 Dende
45 Mr. Satan
46 Lunch
47 Pilaf
Chi-Chi vs Mr.Satan ... Chi-Chi hands down ... she survived sex with Goku
i mean come on
Majin Light
"Raditz is very powerful" - Qaamans Land 2015
Rank Character
1 Whis
2 Beerus
3 Goku
4 Vegeta
5 Supreme Kai
6 Majin Buu
7 Gohan
8 Android #16
9 Trunks
10 Cell
11 Android #18
12 Piccolo
13 Freeza
14 Android #17
15 King Kai
16 Kibito Kai
17 Dabura
18 Dr. Gero
19 Goten
20 Android #19
21 Tenshinhan
22 Krillin
23 Master Roshi
24 Captain Ginyu
25 Babidi
26 Yamcha
27 Kami
28 Nappa
29 Videl
30 Bulma
31 Mr. Satan
32 Lunch
33 General Blue
34 Mr. Popo
35 Elder Kai
35 Tenkaichi Budokai Announcer
37 Raditz
38 Taopaipai
39 Korin
40 Yajirobe
41 Oolong
41 Pilaf
43 Piccolo Daimao
44 Chaozu
45 Chi-Chi
46 Fortuneteller Baba
47 Dende
Inert Brian
*sigh* Long comment, here I go.

Quaaman, Mr. Popo 1,030 really? For the guy that does DBZ topics I was
honestly disappointed on this one. Especially since you made a video
shitting on another Power level list. Kami > Popo. Kami was weaker than
Piccolo Jr. Popo has to be 250-300. The unofficial excuse doesn't cut it,
because you're saying GT is canon then with that logic. Also, that was V
jump levels where you got 1,030 for Popo.

^ I'll admit I took a good 50% of that straight from Vegito1089 LOL.

Yajirobe is stronger than Videl imo. Reason being is because he took on
King Piccolo's men which had to be in the 120-150s range since they killed
the tournament people. Unless you believe Spopovich increased over 100x
under Babidi's magic, I disagree here. Videl can run away with flight but
we're talking pure power here. Yajirobe also chopped Veggie's tail, and
managed to get a hit on him.

Lunch vs Dende boils down to whether or not you believe Dende can tank
Bullets. Can Dende beat Kid Goku at the start of Dragonball? If you
believe Kid Goku wins, then you believe Lunch wins (if you give her guns).
I give this to Dende in terms of raw Power. Nameks have been shown to be
stronger than Humans. Dende > Human child.

Tien > Krillin. Tien kept training, Krillin stopped. The Akira statement
can be twisted around because Krillin was stronger than Tien on Namek. I'm
sorry to sound like an asshole but Blackenfist is just being biased here.
How can you think Krillin is stronger when he settled down and married,
when it's clearly shown Tien and Chiatzu are away from society where they
can't settle down?

I'd say Babidi beats King Kai because he has the feats that King Kai lacks.
Magic > King Kai?

Elder Kai > General blue. His title speaks for itself. You can't tell me
Elder Kai has a power level below 100?

Videl beats Ginyu because Ginyu is a frog now. Hehehe

Babidi slaughters Yajirobe. He slaughtered Spopo and Yamu...

Trunks beats 18. He weakened his energy blast, and the weakened blast still
shocked 18 badly. As for Vegito1089's comment about Trunks/Goten being as
strong as Frieza in base, Tarble had to be talking about first form Frieza
because he didn't know about his 3 other forms. EDIT: I'm an idiot, Trunks
has to be weaker then. Ignore this.

Elder Kai beats Raditz simply based off of his title. Do you think his
power level really is below 1,200 despite that fusion?

Satan vs Chi Chi is a good debate. I give this to Satan because Chi Chi
hadn't trained in 30+ years. But I could see why people think Chi Chi is
stronger. Chi Chi was also in the tournament, back in the dragonball era
when there were stronger fighters. Chi Chi (dragonball) > Hercule. Imo Chi
Chi just got severely weaker.

Piccolo is not beating Super Perfect Cell. I know he's your fav, but
still.... Dabura 1 shotted him, and Goku put Cell and Dabura on the same
level. Piccolo isn't even stronger than Perfect Cell imo.

Raditz beats Ginyu bc Ginyu is a frog now xD

Did you seriously just put Popo above Elder Kai!?!?!?!? Quaaman I think
you've been drinking too much Team 4 star soda m8.

Frieza vs Gero is interesting. I think Gero is overall weaker (I have him
at 90,000), but I think Gero wins due to energy absorption.

Vegeta > Gohan if we're using the Vegeta that went berserk against Beerus.
Vegeta made Beerus shed blood.

Vegeta is definitely beating Fat Buu.

Dabura laughably killed Piccolo. Dabura > Piccolo. I don't care if he
didn't know about the spit power, Piccolo would've dodged it if he could.

Supreme Kai restricted an SSJ2 Adult Gohan. He's beating Kid Trunks.

Long list I know, but thanks for the long read if anyone read it all ;)
Slippery Joe
Tao is a killer, Videl is not. Tao would win. Plus his dodon ray would kill
Videl EASY!
Insurance Agency
I Can Never See Chiaotzu Being Stronger Than Ginyu
Ethan Hensley
no way is trunks and goten that high. I doubt there stronger then Freeza.
Goku son
piccolo is stronger than cell +Qaamans Land because remember piccolo always
train so at some point hes stronger than a super perfect cell 
Unknown crazy cakes
You should do how fast are dbz characters
This was mine man

2 Beerus
3 Goku
4 Gohan
5 Vegeta
6 Majin Buu
7 Cell
8 Piccolo
9 Dabura
10 Android #16
11 Supreme Kai
12 Kibito Kai
13 Trunks
14 Android #17
15 Goten
16 Android #18
17 Freeza
18 Dr. Gero
19 Android #19
20 Tenshinhan
21 Krillin
22 Yamcha
23 Captain Ginyu
24 Elder Kai
25 Nappa
26 Raditz
27 Babidi
28 King Kai
29 Kami
30 Mr. Popo
31 Piccolo Daimao
32 Chaozu
33 Chi-Chi
34 Korin
35 Videl
36 Yajirobe
37 Mr. Satan
37 Oolong
39 Master Roshi
40 Taopaipai
41 Fortuneteller Baba
42 General Blue
43 Dende
44 Lunch
45 Tenkaichi Budokai Announcer
46 Bulma
47 Pilaf
Strongest DBZ characters:
(1) Yamcha
(2) Hercule
(3) Senzu Bean
(4) Dragon's Balls
(5) Broly
Nice video
Yajirobe>>>>Videl.He gave King Piccolo Arc Goku a very good fight and even
surpassed Kami at the Saiyan Saga as stated by Kami himself.
Kami>Popo as Popo admited he is weaker than him.
Tao>>>Videl.Videl has no feats and she can't win only by flying.
Kami>>>>King Piccolo
Josckar Palomeque
Qaaman are you super sand lesbian?
jonas thrane
Rank Character
1 Whis
2 Beerus
3 Goku
4 Vegeta
5 Majin Buu
6 Gohan
7 Piccolo
8 Cell
9 Trunks
10 Dabura
11 Android #18
12 Supreme Kai
13 Kibito Kai
14 Goten
15 Android #16
16 Android #17
17 Dr. Gero
18 Android #19
19 Freeza
20 Tenshinhan
21 Krillin
22 Captain Ginyu
23 Yamcha
24 Nappa
25 Elder Kai
26 Raditz
27 King Kai
28 Kami
29 Mr. Popo
30 Piccolo Daimao
31 Master Roshi
32 Chaozu
33 Videl
34 Korin
35 Taopaipai
36 Yajirobe
37 Mr. Satan
38 Chi-Chi
39 General Blue
40 Dende
41 Pilaf
42 Babidi
43 Fortuneteller Baba
44 Bulma
45 Oolong
46 Lunch
47 Tenkaichi Budokai Announcer
Jordan Smith
Gohan was not 'way ahead' of ssj3 goku... If he was, goku coulda just left
him with buu on his own, as he hadnt absorbed gohan yet... bearing in mind
vegito was stronger than that buu + gohan...
Gohan wasn't light years ahead like you are miking out.
anthony Riggans
Can someone PLEASE tell me what song that is it goes Dun Da da........
....Dun Dun
Juan Felipe
supreme kai was stronger than piccolo, and if you think piccolo was
stronger than trunks, supreme kai is stronger than trunks or goten.
so if you base this as of battle of gods, why do you keep referring to GT?
example, dende vs lunch
Killua Zoldyck
Pretty great list overall.. some may be a little questionable, but close
enough either way. Thanks for the upload
Robotic Demo
All Hail Lord Vegeta
Jordan Smith
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