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Movie: Star Note i9220 Android ICS DUALSIM Phone Review - MT6575 GPS 5.1\" Merimobiles - ColonelZap

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Nana Asamoah Amponsah
I have Galaxy Note i9220 and all of a sudden the screen has gone black.
What has gone wrong! And where can I get it repaired! 
Dibyansu Mohanty
Thnx 4 d information.. :-)
david carrillo
hows the battery life?
Jorge Santana
can you use normal galaxy note cases
Victoria Le
I am telling the truth. I bought this phone and 100% ABSOLUTELY
DISAPPOINTED AND REGRET. The first week I bought it's was very nice and
cool to use. then I notice the screen resolution is so horrible plus I
can't even play game or using browser due to the lag issue. the flash
suppose to support night time shot or dark places and guess what? The pic
came out piss black even when the flash on. the battery life?! don't even
mention it. There is a reason why they gave 2 batteries.
Kevin Martinez
Can u play Google Music on it?
I am going back to school after many many years away. I am interested in
the pad phones. I can not afford both a phone & a pad. If you were me
which ones would you recommend? I am illiterate when it come to smart
phones and all of the things like rooting & updating one can do. BUT I do
learn quickly. saw the goophone 5. But would prefer a bigger screen. Don't
worry if you recommend something & in a few weeks is out dated. That is how
it is.
Colonel Zap
Yes :-)
Colonel Zap
Da zittert nichts, liegt vielleicht an der Aufnahme?
Piotr Jarzabek
Do you know how to make phone come back on?
Colonel Zap
Search on my blog, I have a rooting tutorial there :-)
The H6000 uses the older MTK 6575 chip with Android 2.3.6. The i9220 (aka
Star N9770) uses the newer 1.2 Ghz dual core MTK 6577 with Android 4.0.3.
I'd vote for the i9220.
Will the galaxy note case fit on this phone?
Jose Irizarry
I have this phone on straight talk with the at&t sim card and it works
great, i have had 0 problems with it so far (6 months) I pay $45 a month
for unlimited everything (i have not gone over 2gb of data on any month so
i can't tell you if the internet gets slow after that). hope this helps you
Colonel Zap
No idea :-( Can't you just cut away a little plasic from a regular plug, so
it'll fit in a little deeper?
can we get samsung LOGO on it???
Colonel Zap
The phone is really nice but nowadays I think I'd rather look for a phone
with a MT6589 CPU or at least a MT6577.
Where to get this phone
Joseph Goebbels
its rooted? or how can i root this phone? thanks :D
Anthony Skeels
Do you know if this phone is compatible with T-Mobile?
Victoria Le
So after 2 months of frustration, anger and disappointed. I finally destroy
this like a piece of trash, burn it and throw the remain away. That's just
explain how suck this phone is. Not to mention that this piece of shit made
Is that SPB SHELL3D?
Marcus Graham
Does it come with stylus?
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