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Movie: Learn Neymar Skills - Rainbow flick - Little STRs Kids coached by STR skill School

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Yonzo Rikuo
Why is he wearing a futsal shoe at the field
Robert Backman
ahh, memories, this was like the first trick i ever learned, i remember
watching someone do it and i bet my brother that if i can do that trick at
the end of the summer he owes me an icecream :D i did
did the boy really need to fall down lol
Mersad Berisha
Little SpaceShip
Wow I can't believe they are better at doing skill moves then me already
and I am 19 they probably shoot better then me also (refer to my videos) 
Алексей Калиничев
Далбак это пацтава
Jozef Orlický
bad wrong video
Oliver Humphreys
i learnt this wen i was 4 
Andre Lopez
Grande bosta...
It's normal rainbow flick, not NEYMAR's rainbow flick, remember that guys
when i try, the ball doesnt go over my head
darnell dolly
Wow...the kid got skills
Daniel Velazquez
I could've done it when I was In my mom's stomach..... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Elisha Foster
That's a heel flick
Najam alblushi
I think after he will go football industry.
lee phan
Do u really expect little kids to do that? Loli
I could do it when I was six....
FilipZarko SmartUser
its not neymars flick the flick is older than Neymat twice :(
anas arwany
Neymar the best
Football Skillerz
Lol the defender is not doing anything...😂
Just sayind neymar dose it in a more advanced way but this is still good
concidering the age
Ross Faichney
Nice skills but It would ge 1 million times better if you had a scotland
strip on =D !!!!!
MinecraftGamerClasher64 34
I'm 9 and I can't do that lol
У белого форма англии)))
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