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Movie: Learn Neymar Skills - Rainbow flick - Little STRs Kids coached by STR skill School

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Andrew Salvador Lopez Arambula
that is so easy even my 6 year old brother could do that
Labib Ahmed
Add more kids videos

FilipZarko SmartUser
its not neymars flick the flick is older than Neymat twice :(
Jazz Pizzazz
Pretty good for a kid but its too bad they dont use rainbows enough at
professional level
martin bernal
MJB Boafo
how he dus that 
Koketso Rammutla
i can do it and i go to bss
Young Walcott. 
Bennett Carby
I was your 2000th like. U r awesome
Neymar flicks it up without his heel.
Trisha Ruiz

Murali Dharan
even a kid can do Neymar...
Jack Welding
Sick better than me
Ade omeh
way better than my brother
maleek green
im 11 i can do it simple i could do it at the age 5 but u maybe dont
believe i make alot of teams: portmore united,my school team,harbour view
FC and a few more but not much because im still little 
Adam Moreira
Junai d
So cute
Daffazzuri7 Gaming
its easy
Jan Peter Balkenende
maleek green du u hef eeds?
Young Stars
Thanks man, we will put another video today, I am working on it :)
Chubba The Bubba
thanks for embarrasing all us adults with your little 8 year old kid whos a
better skiller then us great idea
But can he do it while running?
Bob Smith
This is the only trick I can do :p
Every1 stop it at 0:30 there is an easteregg hiden!!
Billy Albion
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