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Movie: Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Tips

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Michael Scharna
Informative Video. Very useful, Thank you very much, and keep filming!
James Buchanan
took photos now cannot find them where did they go i did not delete them
Aiden White
16. My camera 
What's the best setting for ebay items?
Tanvir Akhtar
kindly explain 13mp 9.6mp 8mp and so on. I saw 13mp produce bit blur
images. 9mp cuts some real state. 8mp ?? your view?
can u hold the AE-L and AF-L during recording video?
fab video thanks 
Mandar Ambekar
Excellent Video. Very useful, Thank you very much..
Shona Herring
Is the audio from the video recordings good enough for covers (songs) ,
since i don't have enough money to buy proper mics and digital cameras etc?
J.D. Woofter
How to take a macro shot?
Can I ask whats the difference with the photo sizes?? Do the photo quality
go higher or...? 
SAGOH Morales
if my nephew deleted my pictures can I retrieve them ? they are very
precious to me .
hakeem repp
I have noticed that on snapchat my Samsung Galaxy s4, does not record or
send the vids in hd. the iphone sends better vids on snapchat then samsung
why is that?>
Wyatt Cavanaugh
What camera did you use to shoot this? My S4 will go in and out of focus is
I were to try the same shot in video mode. Do you have any suggestions for
me on how to rectify that?
Wyatt Cavanaugh
Great video.
One day cell phones will be connected directly to our brains. Record what
we see with our eyes and instead of having verbal dialog with people we
would send our thoughts to one of our contacts
you can say "cheese", too to take the picture
quiet storm
Very helpful. learned a lot of things that I did not know.
shirl bussman
Thought it was a great presentation, thanks.
Rich Cruz
Great Feed.. 
Zeba Badat
+Cynthia Hogan when u chnge wich side u wanna tke a pic u either have all
the modes are not all if u wana tke a pic with the front camera u hve 9
modes n back camera lets u hve 12 modes
Cynthia Hogan
I just checked it again and I have them because I reset the camera, what
will make some of them disappear?
Cynthia Hogan
I don't have all of those settings in my mode button and I have the S4
The Paradise Room
Finally a video that actually gives some great tips on taking pictures
instead of how countless pictures look at 100% crop. Thanks for posting.
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