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Movie: A Gunfight 1971 (1/10)

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@antision79 the song is called "A gunfight" just like the movie title (says
I LOVE this song! I LOVE this song! I LOVE this song!
Wow this is awesome! Five stars! (Best movie I've seen Johnny in so far)
yay :)
Hannah Lynne
@MartinGuitarLover1 Yes, it's on Amazon but it's a bit expensive last time
I looked.
Along with Unforgiven, this is my favourite wesren. Understated, wondefully
acted and a great honest yarn. Long live the man in black.
Phil Cross
This is a great movie and thanks for posting. The cast was great. Kirk
Douglas as usual gave a great performance but Johnny Cash was outstanding
in this one.
thank you so much for posting this. always wanted to see it.
Temy Beal
This is one of the top westerns good as High Noon.
What is the name of the song by Johnny Cash?
Temy Beal
Steve Austin
Nice job kids. You may have a future in Hollywood.
Is this available on dvd??
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