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Movie: What\'s New in Patch 2.1.0?

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Lance B
Wow, took so many months for this patch and all they added were some dank
sewers and a new type of rift. Great game
Alexander Prates
I'm playing Diablo 1 with the Hellfire expansion right now instead of this
failed attempt at a Diablo game. Please stop supporting this trash.
is this coming to consoles aswell?
Michael Johnsen
I'm guessing this patch is only for the PC version and not the newly
released PS4 version? What would be the ETA on that patch?
Console release date? :D I want to get in to those Treasure Goblin
Paragon lvl 19 facerolling lvl 27 greater rift? I wanna see that on live,
Spirit Barrage - Well of Souls: Damage type changed from Cold to Fire,
So this went thru after all, thanks for ruining my 500+ hour played cold
damage witch doctor build, RIP cold doctors.
Daniel Börresen
Det blir Diablo ikväll!
Sasuke Uchiha
What about the pvp?? 
Whats in the next patch? Im hungry.... u should alread bring that PvP which
was promised on release of Diablo 3 (normal)
Petar Marinov
And where is the linux version?
Alex Dugman
Has new season started yet ?
Blizz thinks we're retard
Kody Killgore
>Leader boards

Is this a CoD video or what.
Saar Peretz
when its release?
James P
speed run the whole campaign in under a hour? wtf
Where is pvp?
Andreas Jonsson
Hi, I have a robot voice, bye.
Jewel Daab
I'll be playing!!
Nuno Gralha
i still dont get it, so when a season ends, which what? lasts 4 ou 5 months
maybe? my items and character get deleted? is that suppose to be fun ?
workin hard and get deleted afterwards?
wait so when a season ends, all season only legendaries are avaliable to
everyone? Including those not playing seasons? Wait wtf?
Seasons and their achievements = biggest development waste of time ever.
She sounds like a robot.
RainBoy Mozart
when is patch 2.1,0 comes out in pc? 
Even if I'm not all that interested in the seasonal characters, I have to
applaud Blizzard for doing what they can to keep the game fresh. I love the
treasure goblin portals. THAT's what I'm looking forward to.
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