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Movie: Dota 2 Hero Spotlight - Elder Titan

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ilham Defra
this hero need update, little bit underpowered compared to other strength
I had a funny moment against void with this hero
I echo stomped him while he was about to chrono
He slept till the end of it xD
Smittyit Revalnir
i find this hero a really good aura keeper since his passive with AC can be
devastating for heroes that rely on stats for armor such as riki and
morphling, otherwise the disables are ridiculous and his astral spirit buff
if well placed can make him go MLG hard carry for a few seconds
Dino Gino
very weak hero,need alot of updates
Inspector Gadget
Umm anybody think his ultimate is kinda underpowered?
It's a health percentage ult which means it will scale well, but the fact
that it's only 15% at level 6 feels underpowered at lower levels. I still
think it should be a 800-1000 damage insane nuke at level 3 since
percentage kinda sucks.
Chrinolas ArchDruid
he forged worlds and at the same time he is a horribly underpowered hero
Elder Titan is a crazy hero but not noob need experience
and timing with this hero and i am not talking stomp, i am talking ulting
with no stomp at the right times on the fly.

He is not played in dota 2 but he can really turn games around but you need
lots of experience before playing him in higher tier pubs.
ali mohmed
U forgot to say that its upgradable by scepter
does anyone still use him? because i never see anyone use him since ive
played dota 2 for 2 years now
he forged worlds pls nerf
is Elder Titan, Tauren Chieftain in Dota1?
Milton Huynh
His first skill cannot be used in a pub game
Christopher Facinal
1 of my favorite hero..
i uses this as solo mid champion..
Wait... WHY IS HIS ULTI RED? or at least orangish? Get your shit straight
i think natural order is his main strength. max it with the spirit to cover
big aoe to amplify damage on agi carries and from your magical nukes. echo
stomp - get 1 point, but dont max until later
His Ultimate is sick 
make a guide of elder :c
hey guys, do you mind if you could give our channel a look, PEACE!
Sebastian Rogers
this hero is awesome
This guy literally can't do anything unless you have a premade team.
Otherwise, he can't do anything on his own.
dylan gorgees
11 minutes ago

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Arthur Kannibal
Elder Titan looks scary to play against!

I saw his first build in the DotA2 Companion app for android and it focuses
on Astral Spirit and Echo Stomp early game. I don't play much but it makes
scary sense how overpowered Elder Titan can get early game as well as how
fast he can rack up gold with Astral Spirit alone making it easier to get
last hits on far away enemies.
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