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Movie: Dota 2 Hero Spotlight - Elder Titan

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does anyone still use him? because i never see anyone use him since ive
played dota 2 for 2 years now
Chrinolas ArchDruid
he forged worlds and at the same time he is a horribly underpowered hero
ali mohmed
U forgot to say that its upgradable by scepter
Wait... WHY IS HIS ULTI RED? or at least orangish? Get your shit straight
Joon Lee
Umm anybody think his ultimate is kinda underpowered?
It's a health percentage ult which means it will scale well, but the fact
that it's only 15% at level 6 feels underpowered at lower levels. I still
think it should be a 800-1000 damage insane nuke at level 3 since
percentage kinda sucks.
Elder Titan is a crazy hero but not noob need experience
and timing with this hero and i am not talking stomp, i am talking ulting
with no stomp at the right times on the fly.

He is not played in dota 2 but he can really turn games around but you need
lots of experience before playing him in higher tier pubs.
Milton Huynh
His first skill cannot be used in a pub game
Christopher Facinal
1 of my favorite hero..
i uses this as solo mid champion..
His Ultimate is sick 
i think natural order is his main strength. max it with the spirit to cover
big aoe to amplify damage on agi carries and from your magical nukes. echo
stomp - get 1 point, but dont max until later
is Elder Titan, Tauren Chieftain in Dota1?
This guy literally can't do anything unless you have a premade team.
Otherwise, he can't do anything on his own.
he forged worlds pls nerf
make a guide of elder :c
hey guys, do you mind if you could give our channel a look, PEACE!
Sebastian Rogers
this hero is awesome
Guide Please
They usually add heroes to the original dota since it's still active
currently. But the nerfing and other updates on the current heroes, items,
etc are applied on bot dota 1 and 2. I think they will start adding new
heroes on dota 2 when they have completely added all the unreleased heroes
to dota 2.
i really like this hero, he is godlike if you play him decently and your
team is smart and follow correctly
Ian Way
cyboorgmat is a blogger about dota2, he comes up with more indepth patch
notes including updates on unreleased heroes. thats where i get my
information from, the dota 2 wiki has information too but i believe their
source is cyboorgmat soo it's best just to look that nigga up
Daniel Schütt
Does anyone know who the next hero is going to be? If you know then please
type me
most of the champs are released though they have 1-2 in the works but they
tend to take their time with them. The number of champs is pretty good
though and the game tends to be more balanced as you dont have new champs
being released and then being needed to balance. etc
im sorry but techies and phoenix will have different names because
Carphil BR
I use him a lot, he has great set up combos and nice comebacks
I made it to the end! but now I'm going to watch all the HoN spotlights to
see what those newfags have to say about copying loll
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