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Movie: Diego Costa Goal & Horror Injury ~ Getafe vs Atletico Madrid 0-2 ( 13/04/2014 ) HD

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Germz Huerta
How long till he recovers? 1 month or less?
Mohamin cfc
is that his shinpad he broke?
Will Browne
"He's a tough cookie, i'll think he'll stay on" Cheers Geoff.
Raj Darrell
that's horrible, get well soon costa.
jesus luqman
his leg ain't broken tho. so expect a quick recovery.
Nazy Naz
I feel so sorry for him, I hate seeing any player in great injuries. 
MonkeyD Luffy
His career is over.... Thats 9 month injury. Come back after 2-3 years.....
Feel so fucking sorry for him
Ootmarsumgaming Nl
BUT! He scored,
Animo Costa!

I hope he will be able to help Atlético win the Championsleague!
Jerro Enigma
Well.. No Diego Costa In The World Cup :(
Lord Jebba Jingles
Dont worry the post will get fixed!Diego Costa is a beast!
kanal R
mason court
guys, its not a broken leg or a career ending injury, its just a minor
wound that will take a few weeks or even months to heal, nothing majorly
nilbog goblin
Had a similar accident near a pool - i stepped on a pool shaft, it broke
and fell down and my skin grated on the edge. slipped off my skin for 5-6
centimeters but my crazy head cooled it off with going in the pool. The
pain was very mild while in the water, but after i came out and tried to
explain it just overcame me and i had to be rushed to hospital to have it
fixed in some way. I still have a scar and I hope he gets well soon.
Bryan de Jong
People crying about how sad it js for football players with injuries like
this while they still get their 200.000 pounds a week and let the Africans
Az Ve
nasty , but he's fine ;)
mohammed ismael
You people are so fucking stupid saying this is a career ender and that
he's out for 2-3 years😂😂 he's back for the chelsea game you idiotic
Torntam Metharakcheep
He's back yesterday and score 1 goal.
allan royce
Say goodbye to futbol puto!?
Kenneth Chin Yu Wai
He was just overly aggressive to tap the ball in. Bad things always happen
towards a great player. Sad if he couldn't face Chelsea in the CL
Semi-final; Atletico Madrid deserves a place in the final this season.
in my adult league i slid in and hit the post perfectly with my crotch, leg
on either side :/
After the second leg vs Chelsea I wish you all the best, before that maybe
not so much :)
Justin England
Oh my god that looks awful the poor guy I hope he recovers soon and well. 
Nirdosh Upadhyay
Get well soon Costa (Real Madrid fan)
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