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Movie: The Stomping Land Gameplay - Open World Dinosaur Survival Game (HD)

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everyone commenting one the graphics and mechanics, this entire game is
being developed by only 1 person at the moment. he's asking for developers
and designers to help him out i wish i could but i don't have any
programing skills.
Music Mashers
With some work on the animations and models, this can become a best seller
Mr. Scratch
Gameplay wise, it seems to offer a lot. And while graphically it isn't
major company impressive, for what it is, I don't have anything negative to
say about it.

Nice work.
Anon Resistance
Does anyone remember that game that was in development called B.C. the
prehistoric dino game??? i think i found it again lol
Will buy.
Anyone know if this game is released or if it will be released?
Release Date ??
thecompact Ocd
this game looks fun
dknight xs
very nice concept seems alot like state of decay with dinos instead of
dayz in 10000 BC
when's this coming out???
ethan philpot
About fucking time we get an open world game about dinosaurs
Håkon Fegri
DA Quetzo
I hope it will bw for free!
But if i have to pay for it, so I hope that I needn't pay for it every
Month...I would be so grateful if I have to pay only once!
Kevin Ressler
Please let this be a thing
Is it me or does this guy sound like he has a 9th grade education...
PVP Knight
This looks fucking awesome let me buy it!!!
george hancock
Fantastic I always imagined a game like this and here it is. quick question
how accurate is this trying to be because I would love if the raptors where
arboreal and feathered instead of Jurassic park like.
This looks cool and everything but the goals seem a bit lacking. Yeah sure
you can get new gear, set a few traps and kill bigger dinosaurs, but that
seems about it. It just seems that more variation in content is need for
this game to be absolutely amazing.
constipatedowl how do you find this stuff so easily
Cameron Le
Urick Lucas
Do you think its agood idea to have both playable humans and playable
dinosaurs in the game? I hope its possible.
Nice game. But seing a human jump so high is kinda unrealistic. Players are
looking for more realism!
mike larsen
Is this free and online becaus i am getting this !! Look so cool !!! 
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