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Movie: The Stomping Land Gameplay - Open World Dinosaur Survival Game (HD)

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Antibaca\'s Gaming
where the fuck is this in the game now?
Zachary Soulless
If only the game was really like that...... no trex no flock of dinos hell
no big dino only the carno.....Half the shit is broke and does not work..
I've played 20 hours of this game and i like it but this vid is BS and so
is The DEV... He told us that a update would be on the week of
thanksgiving.... Now its Dec 10 and nothing.. Not even hey guys it will be
a bit or anything... This game could be very good if only they would do
what they show you they have done and have not..... 1/10
i watch this alot and go why does he not just release this and let us test
it what a rip off :c
T Moore
lol it looks pretty fun
Music Mashers
With some work on the animations and models, this can become a best seller
everyone commenting one the graphics and mechanics, this entire game is
being developed by only 1 person at the moment. he's asking for developers
and designers to help him out i wish i could but i don't have any
programing skills.
Krisb BeatS
Detail of the dinosaurs is lacking when compared to successful franchise
games today, but if this is just a prototype then more work is needed to
put the detail into the environments and animals this could be a great game
worth buying. A good story would help too, plus if the character could
parkour in the trees reminiscent of Assassin's Creed 3, t'would make
dinosaur hunting that much more badass.
Mean Wizard
Apparently this game is only about kidnapping??
Mattis Finstad Hansen
OMFG! Take my money! :D Naow!
dayz in 10000 BC
Dandelion Dero
if this would be free to play would have a lot of players
Fox Hound
1:17 Minuts of lie..
TAKE MY MONEY! Plz........ :'(
Sofa Soldiers
Dev should bang it on ps4 for £5 with in game dev help looks good to me 
Microwave Hate Machine
I forgot about this. Damn I wish it was like this now. 
Chained NicKy @Overrall
can anyone tell me if i should wait for this game or the game is dead
already becouse i really like the aplha already ye there is alot of bugs
but i thing if they will make full game without bugs they can get alot of
money its like next gen of minecraft :D
When is the next update! The truth is that there's floating grass. The
worst Dino combat system they just run in circles. So many hackers! The
game is too dark. There's like only 6 Dinos. Bring the prototype to the
real game for the crying out loud! Not worth the money please pass on this
message to the dev himself no wants a crap game that's worth a lot PLEASE!
The Elephant Man
I think that they shouldve just kept developing on this and that switching
fucking engines as a dumbass idea
how can i get into this game?
Anyone know if this game is released or if it will be released?
Emir Karadeli
Whats the name of the game
Michael Dorband
To all those people bitching about the early access not being as cool as
this trailer, let me set you straight. This is the game without much of an
environment and no dinosaur model skins, let alone no sound for anything.
It is a video to show off what to expect in the final product. The early
access is for people to test out what is nearly finished now and to help
them improve on mechanics and bugs they missed, ergo the in-game states
that this is in ALPHA. It isn't even in beta yet, with a release date set
for 2015. So shut the fuck up unless you plan to volunteer to work on the
game or donate money, they are doing the best they can.
Spud nic
JIG IS BACK! check the forams it isnt abandoned..
Rhyan Smith
Is this for xbox 360 +Constipated Owl 
Aden Marsh
Omg This is so cool
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