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Movie: The Stomping Land Gameplay - Open World Dinosaur Survival Game (HD)

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Music Mashers
With some work on the animations and models, this can become a best seller
Mr. Scratch
Gameplay wise, it seems to offer a lot. And while graphically it isn't
major company impressive, for what it is, I don't have anything negative to
say about it.

Nice work.
thecompact Ocd
everyone commenting one the graphics and mechanics, this entire game is
being developed by only 1 person at the moment. he's asking for developers
and designers to help him out i wish i could but i don't have any
programing skills.
Anyone know if this game is released or if it will be released?
dknight xs
very nice concept seems alot like state of decay with dinos instead of
dayz in 10000 BC
where the fuck is this in the game now?
when's this coming out???
Release Date ??
Mighty Power
YAY i was number 1000like! now give me a cookie.
Pure Gaming
When is the next update! The truth is that there's floating grass. The
worst Dino combat system they just run in circles. So many hackers! The
game is too dark. There's like only 6 Dinos. Bring the prototype to the
real game for the crying out loud! Not worth the money please pass on this
message to the dev himself no wants a crap game that's worth a lot PLEASE!
Tyler Smith
is it free
Febo Febi
this game graphic are horrible
Fatty Lumpkin
Definitely has a long way to go, but it's a great premise.
Sean t
they have not done anything to the stomping land in so long....
Anon Resistance
Does anyone remember that game that was in development called B.C. the
prehistoric dino game??? i think i found it again lol
Will buy.
Prototype looks better and more fun than alpha. Something must have gone
terribly wrong.
original survival concept.. YAY!
TAKE MY MONEY! Plz........ :'(
that guy in the end though
Mattis Finstad Hansen
OMFG! Take my money! :D Naow!
this game looks fun
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