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Movie: Lit Motors\' C-1: A 2-wheel car? Or untippable motorcycle?

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i looked up aptera and they did loads of things wrong.1st is the price
range:25k to 40k is way too much money for a car that goes mere 100 miles
per charge. design:oh boy what a mess... 1st it looks funky,like something
out of a 70ies futuristic fantasy.2nd it still takes up as much space as a
normal car would - and that's a big no-no,that market is tapped.3rd
safety-with it being so light it has to have more safety then just standard
airbags. Aptera doesn't compare to C-1. markets are different
Edgar Godoy
very good
in germany, bmw's e-1 (i think it is e 1) is the first serially
manufactured electrical car manufactured by a large manufacturer (bmw).
mercedes-benz/ daimler is also working on a large scale electrical car line.
It's great.
recovered engineer cheeks were round
Christopher Sudlik
Rental cars from airports. The cheapest rentals that are the most fuel
efficient will be popular when sending people on business trips.
you are right, i mixed it up. i meant the i-series. but i looked it up,
neither the i-3 nor the i-8 is yet available for sale. as bmw did quite a
large campaign on this some time ago (maybe 6-8 months), i believed they
made it into a purchaseable series already. too bad.... maybe daimler benz
is catching up on them and brings one to the market first, as i know for
fact they have something in development as well.
also, C-1 is assembled entirely out of parts that are already manufactured
for run-of-the-mill your usual cars. there are no parts, other then the
outer shell, that they need to manufacture themselves. this drives the
costs down significantly and makes the whole project that much more doable.
combine that with design that isn't too funky - I mean, C-1 really does
look like a love child of Smart car and motorcycle - and there's no reason
for them not to succeed.
Well done
don't get all emotional. since the time of my comment they did figure out
the cost of 1st batch. and it's roughly 3000$ less then initially thought.
and the price of mass-produced units went down from 16,000$ to 12,000$.
there is no reason for this not to be cheap to make, run and fix. if you
had done your homework you would have seen that this vehicle actually has
surprisingly few parts, and all of them are already mass-produced for cars.
They will never sell enough!
Now, you see? I'm seriously interested in hearing about thriving EV makes
in Europe and after telling me they're all over the place I get no reply.
This 'Muxxyy' person would rather argue than actually say something
you really are just an angry ranter. it is not "impossible" to determine
the cost of a unit - it's a necessity imposed by possible investors. you
HAVE to know how much your stuff will cost and what your margins are years
before anything hits an assembly line. it's basics of business. i havent
heard of aptera but sounds to me they just werent good businessmen. there
is now a huge market for tinny city cars.a market that didn't exist a few
years back,but it does now. there's plenty of fresh waters
again you're missing the point - no one should be reckless in any vehicle
ever, so there is no need to encourage it (which is what giving a more
aggressive design does). and i know that the size of the vehicle, whilst is
a major factor, isn't everything. you CAN make c-1 very safe by installing
roll bars.. but will they actually do it? remains to be seen.
Matthew till
how old do you have to be to drive the C-1?
i'm sorry but i see you have no business experience yourself. or you're
just an internet troll. the situation is not identical - they are aiming at
different markets. C-1 aims at city commuters - appealing mainly to young
women and students (basically a competitor for Smart car). Aptera aimed
for...hell knows who - I wouldn't drive that thing, who were they trying to
appeal to? They had no market, however C-1 does - it's the same market that
Smart car broke "built" for itself.
Just put the f****ing superbike engine in ! Looking good...
that's like asking for Smart car to look more aggressive. get real and join
the hipsters. aggressive looks are for wankers.
jun hee kim
Glenn Heston
It won't.
Dawn Lipinski
Awesome. Kudos to Kim. When the Harley gets to heavy for my aging butt,
this is it!!
for those of you that dont understand why they hold the car and walk with
it...that has nothing to do with bad gyros. when they are walking with it,
the car is off, and is giving no power to the gyros, which means when the
car is off so are the gyros. when the car is in park with power off, then
two leg stand extend from the side body and hold the vehicle upright.
yes it is expensive. howevr when years later down the road when other brand
names make something simular to this the price will drop. Like for example
I remmber the time Blu-Ray Players cost 2000.00 when it first come out now
you can get one 120.00
This looks AMAZING!
meh >_> its not bad, better than the average car yes but still nothing like
the performance of a motorcycle! maybe a moped or a scooter but yeh no
crotch rocket
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